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Debut Album
Joan Baez Folk

From €12.99*
Where Do You Go?
Cornelia Nilsson Modern Jazz
Format: LP Audiophil
"WHERE DO YOU GO?, an impressive and moving debut statement from the Swedish drummer and composer, features her in two trio settings (both with fellow Swede and bassist Daniel Franck). One session features the brilliant American pianist Aaron Parks, and the other features Hungarian tenor titan Gabor Bolla. Nilsson brought a bunch of originals along to both recording sessions and chose some personal favorites as covers that she thought would cater to the groups’ sounds and personalities. “Making an album with my music symbolizes a breaking point in my life. Music has lifted me countless times, and I wanted that to shine through. To express everything honestly and transparently - the explosiveness, fragility, the ugliness, rawness, and the softer things, too”, says Cornelia. It’s a stunning debut, and with her two world-class trios, Cornelia Nilsson shows us that her moment has arrived."

Variants from €18.99*
Vortex of Silence
Bálint Gyémánt Pop Instrumental (NewAge / Relax)

Reference Soundcheck, Vol. 2
Reference Sound Edition Pop International
Format: LP Audiophil
Welcome back to the world of impeccable sound, the IN-AKUSTIK REFERENCE SOUND EDITION. This time the theme is: REFERENCE SOUNDCHECK. Which cable is suitable for your requirements? This audiophile LP helps you to choose the right one. Because the right cable has a huge impact on the sound of your hi-fi system. This audiophile LP contains a collection of superior recordings representing all the different sound characteristics. How does the voice come across, how do the acoustic and electric instruments sound alike, does the bass manage the drums, are the electronic sounds processed neatly, are spatial depth and Dynamics correct? This remarkable sound carrier from in-akustik has been assembled with a love of musical detail. 16 tracks featuring great musicians are forming a seamless and exceptional sound and listening experience. RESO Mastering, the high definition mastering procedure, provides significant acoustic improvements in transparency, dynamics, bass reproduction and depth differentiation. The music is gaining more atmosphere and emotion. To best transmit this musical experience, the Direct Metal Mastercut (DMM) technique is employed and 180 gram pure Vinyl (Virgin Vinyl) is used for the sound carrier. You can enjoy exquisite music and the superior sound of your hi-fi system, once you have found the right cable.

Variants from €29.99*

Popular Albums

inakustik - Passion For Music
Various Pop International

From €29.99*
Hiromi Modern Jazz

Süden 2
Pippo Pollina / Werner Schmidbauer / Martin Kälberer German-Speaking Pop

70 Birthday Bash
Hans Theessink Blues

From €19.99*
Kill Or Be Kind
Samantha Fish Blues Rock

From €18.99*
For One To Love
Cecile McLorin Salvant Vocal Jazz

From €18.99*
Friend N Fellow Singer / Songwriter

From €19.99*
United Nations Of Blues
Blues Company Blues

From €18.99*
Die Stereo Hörtest Best Of LP
Various Singer / Songwriter

Closer To The Music Vol. 4
Various Singer / Songwriter

Concord Jazz - Rhythm Along the Years
Various Vocal Jazz

From €29.99*
Das STEREO Festival der Master-Tapes
Various Singer / Songwriter

Great Ballads
Reference Sound Edition Pop International
Format: U-HQCD
Welcome to the world of impeccable sound, the IN-AKUSTIK REFERENCE SOUND EDITION. This remarkable sound carrier from in-akustik has been assembled with a love of musical detail. 16 Ballads are forming a seamless and exceptional sound and listening experience. RESO Mastering, the high definition mastering procedure, provides significant acoustic improvements in transparency, dynamics, bass reproduction and depth differentiation. The music is gaining more atmosphere and emotion. To best transmit this musical experience, a U-HQCD (Ultimate HiQuality CD) is used as sound carrier. A newly developed disc manufacturing process masks the sound quality of U-HQCD closer to the master quality. U-HQCDs are fully compatible with all standard CD players. The package consists of a complex media book. The 12-page booklet includes a description to each of the tracks. Also available on 180 Gr. Audiophile Virgin Vinyl.


From dramatic orchestra to jazz-rock:
Your music. Your moment.

Immerse yourself in our exclusive selection of music, which is just as diverse as your moods and preferences are. From the energy of rock, to the melodic harmonies of classical music, to the unmistakable rhythm of jazz – at in-akustik you will find music that touches, invigorates and inspires. Discover our carefully compiled repertoire and let yourself be enchanted by the emotions of the music and the variety of sounds. Every track, every note is a promise of an incomparable sound experience.



Grammy Award for Billy Childs

Grammy Award for Billy Childs

Congratulations Billy Childs! The album The Wind of Change was awarded the 2024 Grammy Award in the category "Best Jazz Instrumental Album".

Sound tip: Joey Alexander

Sound tip: Joey Alexander

"You can hear role models like Ahmad Jamal in the chordal phrasing, but also a lot of originality in the balance of power and lyrical clarity. Joey Alexander is on the move."

Music Review: Alfredo Rodriguez

Music Review: Alfredo Rodriguez

"He effortlessly overcomes the boundaries between Latin jazz and mainstream pop. His hands seem to fly over the keys." Dagmar Leischow | stereo 12-2023

Music Review: Big Daddy Wilson

Music Review: Big Daddy Wilson

"Fans of sonically demanding blues can rely on the fact that..." Crisp short review in stereoplay

Reference Sound Edition

As a passionate hi-fi enthusiast, every detail of your hi-fi system is extremely important for you. But without the right music, your system's potential can hardly be exploited. Standard recordings often lack dynamics and clarity. This is exactly where the in-akustik Reference Sound Edition comes in: It sets new standards in music quality with special RESO mastering and the highest quality sound carriers. You can then fully exploit the possibilities of your system and explore the musical and sonic potential of your chain.

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Together for the perfect sound

Discover the magic conjured up by the fusion of first-class music and technology. In collaboration with renowned hi-fi and high-end brands we have created exceptional music collections, which whisk you away to a world full of musical depth and expressiveness. Each album is in its own way a tribute to the respective brand, whose passion for technical perfection and unique sounds resonates in every note. Look forward to a very special kind of music and sound experience.

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in-akustik - Passion For Music

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Die Stereo Hörtest LP, Vol.3

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Flim & The BB's | Tricycle

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Interesting Facts About Different Media Formats

UHQCD vs. Standard CD: What is the Difference?

UHQCDs (Ultra High Quality Compact Disks) are an improved evolution of the standard CD and offer impressive and flawless sound quality, reminiscent of analog master tapes.

The Key Differences Between UHQCDs and Conventional CDs

Ultimate High Quality CDs and standard CDs share the same basic digital format, but differ in several specific features that can affect playback quality and durability.

1. Material, Coating, and Manufacturing Process
UHQCDs use a special material that promises higher precision in data playback through an advanced manufacturing process. The material for the reflective layer of a UHQCD is typically of higher quality, leading to better laser reflection. This can reduce the error rate when reading the discs and enable more accurate playback.

  • UHQCDs: Unlike conventional CDs, UHQCDs are not pressed from polycarbonate but are cast from a photopolymer and cured with UV light, offering higher transparency and light transmission.
  • Standard CDs: Made from conventional polycarbonate, which is less transparent.

Standard CDs: Traditional compact discs are made from polycarbonate, a plastic used for the data storage layer. Above this is a thin layer of aluminum that acts as a reflector for the CD player's laser. This aluminum layer is coated with a protective lacquer to shield it from scratches and environmental influences. While this construction is effective, the materials used and the production process can cause variations in the quality of the discs.

UHQCDs: Ultimate High Quality CDs follow a special approach to improve sound quality and durability. Although the basic structure with a polycarbonate base and a reflective layer remains similar, UHQCDs use a higher quality material for the reflective layer, such as a special metal or metal alloy, instead of the aluminum used in standard CDs. This allows for more precise data reading by the CD player. Additionally, the protective layer on UHQCDs can be enhanced with more advanced coating technologies, making the discs more resistant to scratches and other physical damage.

  • UHQCDs: Coated with a special anti-reflective layer that reduces reflections and scattering of the laser beam.
  • Standard CDs: No anti-reflective layer.
2. Precision and Sound Quality

The precision of pit formation, the process by which data is embossed onto the disc surface in the form of pits and lands, is crucial for the quality and reliability of data storage and playback in optical media like CDs. There are significant differences between Ultimate High Quality CDs (UHQCDs) and standard CDs in this respect:

Standard CDs: In the production of standard CDs, the polycarbonate material of the disc is embossed with a stamper to form the pits and lands. The accuracy of this process can vary depending on the quality of the production equipment and the materials used. Irregularities in pit formation can lead to errors in data playback, as the CD player's laser may have difficulty correctly interpreting the data. Although modern production methods allow for high precision, there are still slight variabilities that can affect sound quality.

UHQCDs: The production of UHQCDs aims to achieve higher precision in pit formation. This is achieved through the use of advanced technologies and materials. For instance, UHQCDs may use more precise stampers and higher quality polycarbonate blends to form the pits and lands with greater accuracy. This results in a lower error rate in data playback and enables the CD player to read the information stored on the disc more accurately.

The increased precision in pit formation contributes to improved sound quality in UHQCDs by allowing for more precise and stable data reading. This is especially important for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who seek the most faithful reproduction of recorded music. Additionally, the more precise pit formation can improve compatibility with a wider range of CD players, as fewer read errors occur.

  • UHQCDs: Higher precision in pit formation, resulting in a lower read error rate.
  • Standard CDs: Lower precision in pit formation, which can lead to a higher read error rate.
  • Mastering: UHQCDs are often associated with special mastering processes, such as the use of DSD master files (Direct Stream Digital) for CD production. This high-quality mastering can further enhance audio performance.

In summary, UHQCDs deliver superior sound quality with more detail, clarity, and dynamics compared to standard CDs, which still offer good sound quality for everyday needs.

For more detailed information on HQCDs and UHQCDs, click here

Buying Music CDs, HQCDs, and UHQCDs Online: The Benefits

  • Good Sound Quality: (UHQ)CDs offer high sound quality.
  • Compact and Portable: (UHQ)CDs are easy to carry and can be listened to on the go.
  • Wide Selection: There is a huge selection of (UHQ)CDs on the market.
  • Collector's Value: (UHQ)CDs can be valuable as collectibles.

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Buy Vinyl Records / LPs

Vinyl records, especially Long Play records (LPs), have experienced a remarkable comeback in recent years, not only as nostalgic memorabilia but also as the preferred medium for audiophiles who appreciate sound quality and the physical experience. Among the various types of vinyl records, there are specific differences between standard LPs and audiophile LPs, as well as within the audiophile category between colored and transparent vinyl variants.

Standard LPs

  • Material and Production: Traditional LPs are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The quality can vary, with a focus often more on mass production than on acoustic quality.
  • Sound Quality: Offers good sound quality that is sufficient for general listening. However, the pressing quality and mastering can vary, affecting the final sound quality.

Audiophile LPs

  • High-Quality Material: Audiophile LPs are known for their superior sound quality and are made from high-quality vinyl. They undergo a more stringent production process to ensure that the records are as quiet as possible and the music is reproduced as accurately as possible.
  • Precise Mastering: Often, special mastering techniques are used to achieve the best possible sound quality. The goal is to reproduce the music as closely as possible to the original recording. One of these techniques is Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) – a quality term for authentic vinyl transfer that offers audiophile listeners authentic sound fidelity.

LP Audiophile Colored vs. LP Audiophile Transparent

  • Colored Vinyl: Colored vinyl records are very popular among collectors and are often available in limited editions. While they are visually appealing, some believe that the addition of dyes may slightly affect sound quality, although this is rarely the case with modern pressings.
  • Transparent Vinyl: Transparent or clear vinyl records are considered the purest form of audiophile vinyl. The absence of dyes theoretically ensures even less interference with sound quality. Transparent vinyl is often appreciated for its purity and potentially higher sound quality.

In summary, audiophile LPs, whether colored or transparent, offer higher sound quality than standard LPs due to better materials and more precise mastering. The choice between colored and transparent vinyl ultimately depends on personal preference, with both variants offering excellent sound quality. The debate about the sound differences between colored and transparent vinyls remains a widely discussed topic in the audiophile community.

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