AIR technology for a unique sound experience

High-end cables, hi-fi cables, audio cables, digital cables, phono cables - they have long since ceased to be a trivial factor in the hi-fi chain. It has been scientifically proven that cables have a major influence on the sound experience, especially when it comes to high-quality hi-fi and high-end systems.

Delivering music that is clear
and rich in emotions

Developed by our own in-house engineers, and used in combination with high-quality audio components, our AIR technology allows studio or live recordings to be reproduced in an authentic way and with minimum loss. The technology is now in its fifth generation.
Our Referenz AIR cables transport audio signals between your high-end systems in an authentic way and with a minimum of loss.

How do we achieve this?

Resistance, inductance, capacitance, conductivity, material quality and skin effects all have a negative influence on the sound. The result is that audio signals are distorted during transmission. AIR technology diminishes such physical effects.

  • “It’s not magic, it’s a great cable. The best cables are not those that get the most out of a hi-fi chain, they’re the ones that lose the least of the original sound. Cables should behave inconspicuously with regard to sound.”

    Holger Wachsmann | Product developer in-akustik
  • Holger Wachsmann

    Holger is a qualified communication electronics technician. At in-akustik, he also completed a traineeship as a commercial clerk and business administrator. Our cable whiz is the brains behind in-akustik’s AIR technology.

  • “It’s not magic, it’s a great cable. The best cables are not those that get the most out of a hi-fi chain, they’re the ones that lose the least of the original sound.”

    Holger Wachsmann | Product developer in-akustik
  • “It’s not magic, it’s a great cable. The best cables are not those that get the most out of a hi-fi chain, they’re the ones that lose the least of the original sound.”

    Holger Wachsmann | Product developer in-akustik

Emotional sound experiences

Enjoy music that precisely expresses the emotions of the artists at the time of recording. Our Referenz AIR cables transport vocals and instruments authentically, make emotions jump out at you and preserve the magic of the music, even when you’ve heard them a hundred times over.

To the AIR cables

Technical innovation

The unique Air Helix architecture of our Referenz AIR cables is at the heart of this exceptional technology. It is the key to transmitting unadulterated and low-loss audio signals between your source, your amplifier and your loudspeakers.

Key technology

Benefits of Referenz AIR cables

  • Using air as a dielectric lowers capacitance to a minimum
  • The Air Helix architecture enables the signal conductors to run freely suspended through the length of the cable
  • Point-to-point Air Helix for end-to-end connections
  • Multiple-nested multicore structures lower inductance
  • Cross Link Super Speed waveguides bring homogeneous transport of electrical signals
  • Excellent conductor materials: Copper and pure silver
  • Easily attachable connectors with a long service life
  • Securely pressure-grouted contacts (1.5 tonnes) for lower contact resistance
  • PE network jacket without capacitance-enhancing materials
  • Handmade in our manufacturing unit

Using air as a dielectric lowers capacitance to a minimum

The insulation between the conductors (also known as the “dielectric”) is of key importance for the quality of the sound. Signal transport is impacted by the insulating material, the distance between the conductors and the surface of the conductors.

In comparison with other insulators, using air as a dielectric leads to no increase in capacitance and creates no dielectric losses. Sound signals are not impeded or altered during transport, a vital advantage when it comes to audio playback. Our 5th generation Referenz AIR cables use solely air as a dielectric.

In the video, we use an experiment to demonstrate the influence of different insulation materials and distances.

Thanks to the Air Helix architecture, the conductors run freely suspended through the cable

The Air Helix architecture permits signal conductors to be insulated to practically 100% by air. Special clips were developed to provide the supporting framework. Positioned at defined intervals inside the cables, these clips keep the helically-arranged conductors apart. Cable flexibility is assured by means of two struts that ensure the clips remain together but also at a precise distance from each other. This architecture is unique, bringing low capacitance and minimum dielectric losses – a true milestone in the search for open and unadulterated sound.

Point-to-point Air Helix for end-to-end connections

A new feature in the 5th generation of in-akustik’s Air Helix architecture is the point-to-point connection. Specially designed transitions are available for each type of cable and connector. Across the complete length of the cable – point-to-point AIR Helix. It may sound trivial at first, but the results are impressive. Sound signals are transported with minimized losses, right through to the final centimeters. The sound is more detailed and dynamic than even before.

Multiple-nested multicore structures lower inductance

Inductance is critical to the capacitance of a loudspeaker cable, causing resistance to the signal flow, rising with the frequency. Current flow through a cable creates magnetic fields. Depending on how closely together cables are arranged, and on the direction in which the current is flowing, cables have an influence on each other. Their magnetic fields can be neutralized or increased. In our multicore architecture, we deliberately exploit stray magnetic fields. By cleverly arranging the conductors in the multiply nested multicore structures, overlapping magnetic field areas are created that significantly reduce inductance. This allows the entire frequency spectrum, including high frequencies and dynamic impulse sequences, to be transported in an unimpeded way and with no delays. The music seems more exquisitely detailed, and the sound gains in fine dynamism. All details are kept distinct yet harmonious at the same time.

Cross Link Super Speed waveguides bring homogeneous transport of electrical signals

The Cross Link Super Speed waveguide avoids so-called “skin effects” caused by eddy currents in the conductor that occur with increasing frequencies and high energetic impulses. It has a polyethylene core and a ring-shaped structure, with a usable cross-section that remains the same for all frequencies and in all situations. Thanks to the braided structure, the waveguide is able to precisely transport even extreme current peaks. A lacquer coating around each wire prevents eddy currents within the conductor and protects the wires against oxidation. All this results in a conductor that delivers a balanced sound consisting of vibrant and never overemphasized timbres, even in complex musical passages and at high volume levels.

Excellent conductor materials: pure copper or silver

The conductor material is a crucial factor for the transmission of sound signals. Any impurity in the conductor material impedes the flow of current, diminishes the conductivity and increases background noise, also known as “shot noise”. We therefore use only pure oxygen-free copper (OFC) or pure silver in our Referenz AIR cables. Both materials have an excellent conductivity value.

Copper conductor: When using copper, we ensure that only carefully selected batches of pure copper are processed. We take great pains to measure the quality of the copper before it is sent to the mill for drawing to the required cross-section over the course of a multi-stage process.

Pure silver conductors: A material’s electrical conductivity depends on the number of free electrons and their drift speed. Pure silver is regarded as the best conductor, delivering more detail across all frequency ranges. The charismatic sound of pure silver is primarily due to its high drift speed. Pure silver cables shouldn’t be confused with silver-plated cables. Silver-plated cables are said to lend a metallic and aggressive character to the sound, something pure silver cables never do.

Rhodium-coated connectors prolong cable lifetimes

Even the best cable deteriorates massively in quality when insufficient attention is paid to the connection technology. Pure copper is not suitable here due to the softness of the material. At in-akustik, we therefore use tellurium copper, an alloy of copper and tellurium. This alloy is a harder metal. Its great advantage is that the conductivity remains at a high level, much superior to that of brass connectors. The additional coating with rhodium ensures robust connectors with high longevity and high resistance to corrosion. The precious metal is capable of withstanding numerous connection cycles, continuing to display good contact characteristics even after frequent reconfigurations and experimentation. Conductivity also remains at a high, stable level. These are important advantages, particularly compared to contact enhancement using gold, a softer material that rubs off more quickly.

Securely pressure-grouted contacts (1.5 tonnes) for lower contact resistance

Soldering is normally regarded as a robust and reliable technique for use in connection technology. However, it has disadvantages when used for audio cables, such as less-conductive solder in the signal path and the emergence of low thermoelectric emfs. Both factors diminish audio signal flow, even if the effect is minimal. The contact elements on the RCA and BFA plugs and lugs (spades) belonging to our Referenz AIR cable range are pressure-grouted together with the conductor material using a special tool that exerts a force of 1.5 tonnes. This ensures a stable and reliable connection between the connector and the Referenz AIR cable without needing ferrules or an additional material such as solder. Contact resistance and other negative effects are avoided.

Polyethylene network jacket without sub-coating

There is a huge number of cables on the market, most with a PVC sheath surrounded by a textile or plastic braid. This sheath is meant to protect the cable from mechanical damage. In the hi-fi area, however, it is unsuitable because (depending on the cable type) the jacket may act as part of the dielectric, negatively impacting capacitance and causing dielectric losses. At in-akustik, we deliberately don’t use a PVC sheath in order to avoid capacitance and any consequent dielectric losses. The sheaths for Referenz AIR cables are made of polyethylene monofilaments. These hold the conductors tightly together, reduce microvibrations and allow extreme dynamic peaks to be processed in an unadulterated fashion.

Hand-crafted, custom-made cables

Every single cable in our Exzellenz and Referenz series is carefully assembled by hand in Ballrechten-Dottingen. Our in-house expertise and the skills of our workforce enable us to manufacture technically intricate cables and customize them in line with the wishes of our customers. Apart from the finest of materials, our most importance resource is the manual dexterity of our cable assemblers. In assembling our outstanding cables, our team needs to demonstrate meticulousness, composure, enthusiasm and dedication.

  • Press reviews

    "Talk is gold, sound is silver: “That which cannot be, must not be” is an outdated maxim. Thanks to the upmarket LS-4004 Pure Silver, which proves even the most fervent doubters wrong. A new benchmark.“

    HIFI Sound & Music, J. Pfeiffer | LS-4004 AIR Pure Silver
  • Press reviews

    "A load of thought and craftsmanship has been put into this cable. The LS-4004 AIR is one of the best cables we have ever come across. The analysis is phenomenal. There is also a rich bass and plenty of panorama. Value: 10 out of 10"


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LS-4005 AIR
High-end speaker cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point | Multicore
The LS-4005 AIR high-end speaker cable offers audiophile enthusiasts a unique sound experience. In the new Referenz LS-4005 AIR loudspeaker cable, we have taken the outstanding properties of its predecessor, the LS-4004 AIR, and developed them even further. The point-to-point Air Helix design now enables the AIR Helix architecture to be used from plug to plug and not just between the sleeves. The 360° BFA bananas and spade lugs are a further innovation, developed in-house for easy and convenient connection to the terminals. These and other technical refinements turn the already exceptional AIR cables into true masterpieces. Below you can learn more about the outstanding technical features of this cable, the innovations in the 5th generation and the physical principles used in the AIR technology. Click here and discover the exciting details

From €7,799.00*
NF-2405 AIR | XLR
High-end audio cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point
Breathtaking sound thanks to air insulation - we have already created many innovative designs on the way to perfect insulation, such as DUO-PE insulation or PETS (PE Tube Support). The Referenz NF-2405 cable is another true milestone and an absolute world first in the cable sector. Normally, the conductors are kept at a distance from each other by more or less high-quality filling and insulation materials. With the NF-2405, however, the conductors run through a series of clips connected in series, which form the inner framework and give the NF-2405 exceptional flexibility for high-end cables. The NF-2405 is manufactured entirely in Germany, like all speaker and audio cables in the Referenz series. The clips are assembled by hand with meticulous care in the company's own factory and then the Cross Link super-speed waveguide is threaded in. The resulting Air Helix is then also shielded by hand and fitted with a PE network jacket before the finished cable is assembled with the XLR 180° connectors developed in-house. New XLR 180° plug: It is only possible to insert XLR connectors in one direction. This can be annoying as the position of the XLR sockets in devices varies. In order for the cable to fit, it must sometimes be twisted by force. This puts a strain on cables, plugs and device sockets and sometimes simply looks a mess. The new XLR 180° plugs developed in-house can be rotated by +/- 45 degrees, i.e., up to a total of +/- 90 degrees from connector to connector. The finishing touch for perfect cabling. Click here and discover the exciting details

From €1,849.00*
Phono-2405 AIR | SME 90° - XLR
High-end phono cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point
The good old record sounds more vibrant than ever. The demand is astonishing, even for experts. The figures for records sold are increasing just as surprisingly as the number of record players. It’s a real boom. But how to improve the sound? One way is to use a new, better cable between the tonearm and the phono amplifier. The Phono-2405 AIR is a cable created to deliver top sound. What sets it apart is an absolutely unique air insulation, called the Air Helix. We have developed a special clip for this technology. It separates the two cable bundles, keeps them apart, and virtually embeds them in air. Using a large number of these clips, it is possible to route earth and signal extremely stably over longer distances. Why the effort? With this approach it is possible to pass on the sensitive signals without slowing them down - the result is fast and high-resolution sound. The Super Speed waveguides are threaded by hand and the clips are fitted with great care in the company's own factory. After this, the resulting Air Helix is also shielded and fitted with the PE network jacket by hand. Finally, the rhodium-plated connectors are fitted and cable functionality is tested. Because it's all about the most important, smallest signals: There is nowhere in the audio world where smaller currents flow that need to be passed on perfectly. The signal level of an MM or MC system is extremely sensitive, at just a few thousandths of a volt. In addition to this, the systems have an inductive character. In combination with the cable capacitance, they form what is known as an oscillating circuit, which favors specific frequencies. If these frequencies are unfavorable due to excessively high capacitance, this has a major effect on the harmony of the sound. Extremely low capacitance and dielectric losses are just two advantages of the Referenz Phono -2405 AIR. They form the basis for unadulterated enjoyment of your vinyl jewels. The sound of good records can hardly be resolved in a finer way than this. Click here and discover the exciting details

From €1,299.00*
AC-2405 AIR | Schuko - C19 | UHQ
High-end mains power cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point | Multicore
A hi-fi system basically reproduces nothing other than modulated household electricity. This means this should arrive at the device as constantly as possible. Here the mains cable (power cable) plays a significant role. The big challenge for power supply cables is extreme current peaks. They are caused by the connected devices themselves converting alternating current into direct current. These extreme current peaks cause a whole range of undesirable effects. Specially designed for connecting up top-notch high-end audio systems, the Referenz AC-2405 AIR mains power cable is based on the already legendary AIR technology. In conjunction with this technology, i.e. the "omission" of insulation material, which would "soak up" part of the energy like a sponge, the Referenz AC-2405 AIR is able to transport very large amounts of energy in a very short time. Many design details of the Referenz AC-2405 AIR counteract the undesirable effects and make it an outstanding energy pipeline for the highest audiophile requirements. However much we focus on high-end sound, safety plays a particularly important role in this cable category. For this reason, every Referenz AC-2405 AIR cable is tested extremely carefully. In addition to an exhaustive functional test, each cable is also subjected to an insulation and high-voltage test. The results are documented, and each cable is given an individual serial number. Click here and discover the exciting details

From €1,749.00*