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in-akustik exclusively markets the handcrafted, upgradeable high-end loudspeakers from the Danish manufacturer Audiovector in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


in-akustik exclusively markets the preamps, power amps, home cinema components, and network players from the Swedish manufacturer Primare in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Popular products

Frame wall mount | 50x55
High-end hi-fi furniture Metal frame Sand-filled, 3 mm thick square tube
It couldn't be more stable. The Stoic idea: Avoid floors and furniture - instead, use the wall as a safe location for hi-fi equipment. The STOIC wall mount completely and safely decouples hi-fi devices from disturbing vibrations and resonances.The metal frame filled with sand eliminates vibrations right from the start thanks to its enormous mass, as well as the use of low-resonance materials such as natural slate and plywood. A hard, unsprung coupling between the frame and the support surface ensures that no vibrations occur here either. Last but not least, the STOIC showcases high-quality appliances in an incredibly elegant way. And is also capable of carrying extremely heavy loads!Drives and amplifiers are often really heavy. No problem for the STOIC wall mount. With its robust design and an installation system consisting of five special wall plugs, it can support up to 100 kilograms on concrete or solid brick walls. Hard to believe in light of the seemingly floating design. Incidentally, installation is extremely simple - even for those inexperienced in DIY. A robust drilling template is supplied, together with clear, concise instructions for every step of the process. Metal wall mount: Completely hand-welded and finely brushed frame made of V2A stainless steel. Optionally available in powder-coated steel (black matt or white matt) 3 mm thick square tube measuring 30 × 30 mm. Sand-filled. Footprint (WxD): 550 × 500 mm The STOIC wall bracket has a 10 mm thick plate for wall mounting made of V2A stainless steel or powder-coated steel The maximum load capacity is 100 kg on concrete or solid brick walls All surfaces and weld seams are polished, and finely brushed in the stainless steel version The metal construction and the support plates are manufactured entirely by hand in Germany/li>

From €882.00*
Multiplex support plate | 50x55
High-end hi-fi furniture For the wall bracket & free-standing frame 30 mm thick solid plywood
Model: Clear | Dimensions: 500 mm × 550 mm (D x W)
The support plate is hard-coupled to the metal construction with height-adjustable spikes. The metal construction and the support plates are made entirely by hand in Germany. It can be used for both the wall bracket and the free-standing frame Suitable for the wall bracket & free-standing frame 30 mm thick solid plywood. Birch veneer in the best furniture quality

Skirting board duct
Skirting board | Skirting duct
Length: 625 mm
The AmbienTrack skirting board duct is mounted on the floor and is used for horizontal cable routing and for installing components close to the floor. On plasterboard walls, it is possible to partially integrate the skirting board duct into the wall. It has two shadow gaps that can be backlit with AmbienArt LED strips. Electrical installation system compliant with EN 50085

Skirting board
Skirting board | Skirting duct
The AmbienTrack skirting board replaces the usual skirting board. It is used to lay the cables horizontally in the room and to connect the AmbienTrack wall and corner pillars and the device supports. It can be mounted on the wall or flush with the surface. Electrical installation system compliant with EN 50085

From €90.44*

Exceptional audio performance under 5000 EUR

Are you a hi-fi beginner? Looking to save on your budget? Under the Sounds-Clever label, you'll find well selected, fully playable audio systems that offer exceptional audio performance for less than 5,000 EUR. Sounds Clever: An initiative of the High End Society. Don't miss out on these offers!

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Company Portrait: "Even More Air Inside" - in-akustik in Audio Swiss

Company Portrait: "Even More Air Inside" - in-akustik in Audio Swiss

"Cable specialist in-akustik celebrates the fifth generation in its famous "AIR" family. A distinctive feature of the 05 series as well: the special geometry with air as the dielectric." Audio Swiss 01-2024
Blogbeitrag - 5. Generation AIR-Technologie

Fifth generation AIR technology: What’s new?

The fifth generation of our Referenz AIR cable is now available! Point-to-point AIR helix design and special connector types with sophisticated technical finesse.

Blogbeitrag - Internationaler Award für das AC-4004 AIR

International award for the AC-4004 AIR

Our AC-4004 AIR power cable receives the Super AV (China) Award 2023 in the "Highly Recommended Product 2023" category

Blogbeitrag - Review International: LS- & NF-104 Micro AIR

Review International: LS- & NF-104 Micro AIR

"Ideal for those looking to add extra finesse to their systems without overly influencing the sound." Andrew Simpson | audiograde | UK