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    Cable FAQs

    Our experts answer your questions

  • in-akustik

    Cable FAQs

    Our experts answer your questions

Myths, facts, knowledge & technology

Whether you are a hi-fi beginner or an experienced professional, we have short and informative videos that answer many frequently asked questions about hi-fi cables. Our product developers share their expertise and give you valuable tips to get the best out of your hi-fi system. 

More cable FAQs on YouTube

  • High-quality hi-fi cables vs. thin speaker wires  
  • Connecting devices to a power strip - observe the correct sequence!  
  • Should hi-fi cables be burned-in or broken-in?
  • Inductance & capacitance in hi-fi cables: Explained in simple terms! 
  • The advantages of bi-wire cabling
  • Silver-plated cables vs. pure silver cables  
  • What does DC suppression do?  
  • and much more.

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Would you like a little more?

If you would like to delve even deeper into the subject, we recommend that you take part in our free HiFi webinars. The short trailer and the three webinars listed below will give you an idea of the variety of topics. Simply let yourself be inspired. We would be delighted to welcome you to one of our webinars.

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Busting myths about high-end hi-fi cables

HiFi cables are available from just a few euros up to several thousand. How does a simple speaker cable differ from a high-end cable? Electrical engineers often regard the whole topic as “voodoo”. Rightly so?

  • How the cable affects the sound of your system
  •  High-end cables: myth or real physics?
  • What you should never do if you want to get the most out of your system

Positioning speakers

The positioning of the speakers is an often underestimated factor when it comes to the sound of the hi-fi system. In this webinar, you will learn practical and easy-to-apply tips for the optimal placement of your favorite boxes.

  • Why does my dream system sound different at home than at the dealer?
  • Why are the basses booming and how can I improve the spatiality?
  • Why do good speakers alone not ensure good sound?

Tips for better sound

How to awaken your system from its slumber: Find out how you can improve the sound of your system using simple measures. As well as beginners, this webinar is also aimed at all those who want to breathe new life into their beloved hi-fi systems.

  • Practical tips based on our vast experience
  • Importance of “phasing out”
  • Why good sound needs more than "just" good components