AmbienTone No.2
"Invisible" speaker
The AmbienTone No. 2 universal modules can be invisibly inserted into panel materials such as MDF wood or chipboard. Panel material (such as parts of a media wall or parts of wall or ceiling paneling) are processed in such a way that the self-adhesive AmbienTone No. 2 can be attached to the back of the panel, with the front of the panel being used as a flat membrane. This enables the AmbienTone No. 2 flat-panel speaker to be invisibly and seamlessly integrated into wood paneling, furnishings, etc.

AmbienTone No.4
"Invisible" speaker
The flat membrane loudspeakers are part of a modified plasterboard panel. They can be installed in plasterboard walls, in just a few simple steps. Once connected, inserted and filled, AmbienTone speakers can be easily wallpapered over, painted over and even plastered over. A covering layer of up to 2 mm results in virtually no loss of sound quality.

AmbienTone R1
Shelf | Built-in | Wall-mounted speakers
The AmbienTone R1 is a high-quality 2-way built-in loudspeaker for simple wall or ceiling mounting. The loudspeakers can be installed in kitchens, health spa areas, bathrooms, living rooms and dining rooms as well as in public buildings such as stores, restaurants or galleries. The possible applications range from discreet background music to home cinema and multi-room applications right through to high-quality stereo playback.

The same aluminum covers are used for the basic profiles of the wall pillars, corner pillars, skirting ducts and flat wall pillars. There are two standard finishes (natural anodized and stainless steel). The covers are clipped onto the basic profiles without requiring screws. The covers are available with corresponding perforations for use with various installation products and light modules. A special design feature is the frameless installation of standard switch systems.

From €51.75*
End section for skirting board
Molded parts

From €35.69*
End section for wall pillar
Molded parts

Outside corner skirting board
Molded parts

Skirting board
Skirting board | Skirting duct
The AmbienTrack skirting board replaces the usual skirting board. It is used to lay the cables horizontally in the room and to connect the AmbienTrack wall and corner pillars and the device supports. It can be mounted on the wall or flush with the surface. Electrical installation system compliant with EN 50085

From €90.44*
Skirting board duct
Skirting board | Skirting duct
The AmbienTrack skirting board duct is mounted on the floor and is used for horizontal cable routing and for installing components close to the floor. On plasterboard walls, it is possible to partially integrate the skirting board duct into the wall. It has two shadow gaps that can be backlit with AmbienArt LED strips. Electrical installation system compliant with EN 50085

From €110.67*
Strain relief for Tool Box
Molded parts

Tool Box
Installation components such as switches, sockets, computer and multimedia connections, sensors and control elements can be installed in the AmbienTrack Tool Box in any desired combination: whether in the wall pillars, corner pillars or skirting ducts. In addition to this, the Tool Box can also be used as a distributor or junction box, and for installing electronic assemblies if required. The Tool Box is available in combinations of 1 to 5 units. Electrical installation system compliant with EN 50085.

From €6.18*