Cable manufacturer, music label and renowned brands

Experience music in its purest form with in-akustik!

Since 1977 we have been zealously striving to bring you an authentic and “low-loss” sound experience. Our cable manufacturing unit, located in Ballrechten-Dottingen in the southwest of Germany, is the beating heart of our company. Why not make something special even better? This is the motto of our manufacturing unit on its ongoing journey to create an extraordinary sound experience for our customers.

  • What makes us special:

    Est. 1977

    We have been turning music into pure pleasure for almost 50 years now

  • What makes us special:


    A workforce of forty music enthusiasts

  • What makes us special:


    Employees who average 16 years of service with the company. Our purchasing manager Petra, for example, has been with in-akustik for 37 years :-)

  • What makes us special:


    A cable manufacturing unit covering 450m² (12 cable assemblers)

  • What makes us special:

    High-end cables

    with the AIR technology developed in-house

  • What makes us special:


    The cable assemblers: rarely the center of attention, but crucial to our success

  • What makes us special:

    Record label

    Our own in-akustik music label with audiophile gems

  • What makes us special:


    Our sales brands Primare, Audiovector, Koss & Stoic

  • What makes us special:


    storage locations in a high-bay warehouse covering 1,350 m²

Music label

in-akustik music label - music at its very best

When we founded our own music label in 1986, our aim was to offer music fans exceptional listening experiences featuring outstanding artists. And we remain true to this maxim. Here too, our primary goal is to turn music into pure pleasure. Providing authentic recordings, precisely as the artists on the stage or in the studio intended. You can expect musical gems from jazz, rock, pop, blues and classical music on our label. Our highlights include our reference sound editions, produced according to the RESO high-definition matering process - the special becomes the extraordinary. Our music and media warehouse currently contains more than 3,000 different titles. A total of over 15 million titles have been sold to date. The most successful artists and bands in terms of units sold include Erich Kunzel (600,000), Friedemann (400,000) and the Blues Company (200,000). Our releases have won 24 jazz awards. "Rory Gallagher at Rockpalast" was awarded the "Golden DVD" by the German Phonographic Industry Association.

Our partners

First-class performance in perfect harmony

Our passion for perfect sound has brought us together with Primare and Audiovector - renowned high-end brands that we trust and have been working with for many years.

We are united by shared values and the pursuit of unique, unadulterated sound experiences. These partnerships enable us to offer you a comprehensive, top-class audio chain. They embody all our knowledge and everything we stand for.

in-akustik team

Our solid foundation

Our corporate culture has always been characterized by the fact that we see something special in each individual, combine experiences and promote respectful interaction. As an employer, we are clearly opposed to any form of discrimination. Our employees appreciate the pleasant and mutually respectful atmosphere at in-akustik, which is characterized by open doors, personal interaction, reliability and professionalism.

The group photo shows: our cable assemblers - rarely the center of attention, but crucial to our success

The people behind the brand

It is important to us that our employees enjoy their work. We ensure that they are able to work in an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable. Listening to our employees plays a key role in our HR policy. Trust, openness, appreciation and personal responsibility are core values at in-akustik..

This also means encouraging and supporting the people who make up in-akustik, while respecting all differences. Giving everyone the opportunity to develop, make progress and grow within the company. Whether financial accountant, marketing manager or production planner, many of our management positions are occupied by former trainees. On average, our employees have been with the company for 16 years. A fact that makes up rightly proud and truly grateful.

Responsible interaction based on firmly anchored values

"As a successful company, we are aware of our responsibility towards our society, our neighbors and our environment. We are convinced that sustainable management by means of future-oriented corporate governance creates added value. That's why, at in-akustik, we are committed to issues that are important to us."

Dieter Amann
Managing Partner

A heart-felt issue

Our collaboration with the Caritas workshops in our neighboring town of Heitersheim is a matter particularly close to our hearts. We have been working closely with the Caritas organization since 2010. The team is heavily involved in the work steps necessary for assembling our AIR cables.

Tasks include insertion of the AIR cable clips and threading of the individual conductors.

Long-standing partners

The relationships with our partner companies such as Primare and Audiovector are based on mutual respect and trust. They share our values, our passion for music and our pure enjoyment of sound.

Our group of companies

in-akustik is part of the Braun group of companies, a medium-sized and family-run enterprise. In addition to the cable specialist Braunkabel, the model train manufacturer BRAWA and Eagle Cable also belong to the group.

Home, jobs & sustainability

in-akustik has grown strongly over the past decade, and we want to expand our team further. To help create more jobs in our region, we produce all our high-quality cables at company headquarters in Marktgräferland, an area in the southwest of Germany. This approach also helps us to avoid long transportation routes. We are also focusing on packaging, making recyclability a priority. We are working to reduce the amount of packaging we use and ensure everything can be reused. In addition, we avoid printed matter wherever possible.


Safeguarding and shaping the future together

The upheavals in our industry are great, and we are aware that we can only safeguard and shape the hi-fi industry by working together as a group. We strive to inspire and stimulate, so winning people over to the reproduction of unique hi-fi experiences. To this end, we are involved in the following associations:

The High End Society

The High End Society is an interest group for high-quality sound and image reproduction and sees itself as a "hi-fi ambassador". Behind this is a strong community consisting of manufacturers, distributors, dealers and service providers. Including small businesses, medium-sized companies and subsidiaries of international companies, this community represents the diversity of the audio industry. in-akustik has been a member of the HES for more than xx decades. Our Managing Director Dieter Amann is a member of the Executive Board.

German Music Industry Association

The BVMI represents the interests of around 200 record producers and music companies, corresponding to more than 80 percent of the German music market. The association supports the interests of the music industry in German and European politics, and serves the public as a central point of contact for the music industry.

Association of Independent Music Companies

The Verband unabhängiger Musikunternehmer*innen e. V. (VUT) represents the interests of independent entrepreneurs in the German music industry. Its members include around 1,200 self-promoting artists as well as labels, publishers, distributors and producers. The VUT is committed to the interests of the independent music industry at regional, German, European and international level, with authors and performers at its core.