6.3 jack (m > f)
HiFi headphone extension Quality: Exzellenz Textile & copper mesh
The very complex, double-symmetrical design of the Exzellenz headphone extension cable, combined with the high-density shielding braid, provides optimum protection for the fragile audio signals against external interference, such as that caused by smartphones or other electrical devices. The silver-plated conductors transport the analog music signal precisely and enable an extremely dynamic and crystal-clear sound, especially with high-resolution audio formats. The 24k gold-plated contacts guarantee optimum contact and minimal contact resistance for low-loss transmission of the music signal.

From €100.00*
3.5 mm jack (m > f) and 6.3 mm adapter
High-quality jack cable Quality: Premium Double shielding
Headphone extension cable with double shielding against external interference and thick signal conductor for optimum sound characteristics. The textile braiding gives the cable an elegant design. The gold-plated contacts guarantee permanent protection against corrosion. The supplied 6.3 mm jack adapter is designed to completely surround the smaller 3.5 mm plug. Visually, it looks less like an adapter and more like a 6.3 mm plug that is directly connected to the cable.

From €27.99*
3.5 jack (m > f)
Universal jack cable Quality: Star Foil screen
Extending your headphone cable brings you greater freedom of movement. Your existing cable does not need to be replaced with a longer cable – the in-akustik MP3 extension cables are designed for this purpose. These are equipped with a 3.5 mm jack socket at one end and a 3.5 mm jack plug at the other for use as a connecting link between the headphones and the playback device.

From €10.50*