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The idea behind it

The online Hifi Convention '22 initiated by in-akustik is or rather was a free online event where Hifi fans can listen to specialist lectures, product presentations, expert interviews and guides on all aspects of Hifi, streaming, home cinema etc. from the comfort of their own sofa. If there is sufficient demand, we will reissue the in-akustik HiFi Convention with new, current topics. If you are interested, please let us know and sign up for the waiting list or the newsletter (footer). We will keep you up to date.

Review of trade fair day I

  • Get Together Congress Day I | Tobias Tritschler (in-akustik)
  • Subwoofer - Basics For Better Bass | Raphael Vogt (lowbeats)
  • Myth HiFi cable - bluff oder physics | Holger Wachsmann (in-akustik)
  • Hi-Res Audio-Streaming -  Qobuz introduces itself | David Solomon (Qobuz)
  • Setting up speakers "correctly"  | Guido Lay (in-akustik)
  • Power cable: accessory strip vs. high-end cable | Michael Hirsch (hometech.plus)
  • The myth of bi-wiring | Holger Wachsmann (in-akustik)
  • Hifi-Entry < 1.000 EUR. Bur right. | Patrik Scholz (SoundinGrooves)
  • Streaming basics #1 | Ripping CDs losslessly | Guido Lay (in-akustik)
  • Streaming basics #2 | Media server & Media data |  Guido Lay (in-akustik)
  •  Vinyl guide for beginners and upgrades | Andreas Eichelsdörfer (Audio)

Review of trade fair day II

  • Get Together Congress Day II | Tobias Tritschler (in-akustik)
  • Optimize room acoustics with on-board resources | Joachim Pfeiffer (HiFi & Musik Journal)
  • Silver high-end cable -  worth every penny? | Holger Wachsmann (in-akustik)
  • HiFi consulting 4.0 - We are breaking new ground! | Dimi Vesos
  • Streaming basics #3 | Streaming player, DAC & Co.  | Siemen Algra (Primare)
  • Streaming Basics #4 | Primare Prisma - Technology | Siemen Algra (Primare)
  • Surprise music act - a very special guest
  • Music streaming: Lossless vs. high res audio | Olaf Adam (hifi.de)
  • The power supply: The foundation for good sound | Marius Ingold (in-akustik)
  •  Trade fair outlook High End Munich | Stefan Dreischärf (High End Society)
  • Multicore LS cables - More than just cross-section! | Holger Wachsmann (in-akustik)

Our surprise act: Tokunbo

Our surprise act at the convention in April 2022: TOKUNBO. She was the voice of the acoustic soul jazz formation Tok Tok Tok for 15 years (5 German Jazz Awards, WDR Zimmer Frei). She reinvented herself in 2014 with her solo debut 'Queendom Come' and became an esteemed hi-fi icon with the follow-up 'The Swan'. With the #AirplayForArtists initiative, she is campaigning for independent musicians in the first year of the pandemic.

Watch the video on Youtube

  • Praise that continues to drive us forward:

    "At last a manufacturer that approaches the high-end users. Not just advertising, but free tests of the products, a convention that is not just for advertising purposes but provides in-depth information. Absolutely top!!!"

    Michael Kaiser
  • Praise that continues to drive us forward:

    "HiFi online convention: Quite an ambitious educational program for hi-fi enthusiasts, largely independent of company-specific references. You learn a lot. Recommendable."

    Michael Brencher
  • Praise that continues to drive us forward:

    "I liked the convention very much. You could choose the topics yourself and the scope within the topics was also sufficient."

    Tobias „ZeTobi“ K
  • Praise that continues to drive us forward:

    "The HiFi Convention was a very successful weekend with many exciting presentations from the world of high end. Every minute was informative and provided valuable information and entertainment for the "old hands" and high-end beginners. Top!"

    Di Ha
  • Praise that continues to drive us forward:

    "Great event! Interesting topics presented in a good and understandable way; connections explained well."

    V. Pfeiffer
  • Praise that continues to drive us forward:

    "The Online HiFi Convention was a great event. More of these please. I'll be there again next time."

    Stefan Swoboda
  • Praise that continues to drive us forward:

    "Great organized contributions. May be repeated with pleasure."

    Der Mario
  • Praise that continues to drive us forward:

    "Great initiative and good format! Gladly again!"

    Richard Kunkel

Speakers and partners

Olaf Adam


Olaf is editor-in-chief of HIFI.DE, the leading editorial platform for hi-fi, televisions, home cinema and entertainment in Germany. The journalist and music fan turned his passion into his profession over 20 years ago. Metal was his first love, but it didn't stop there. When he's not exploring the continent on his motorcycle, Olaf likes to go on musical journeys into all possible times, genres and moods with his ears pricked.

Siemen Algra

CEO Primare

Siemen is Managing Director of the high-end forge Primare. Primare sees itself as a deeply Swedish company and embodies the Scandinavian attitude to life "Lagom" and "Hygge" with its electronics - just right, not too much and not too little. You can look forward to hearing how these values are reflected in the sound and design of the individual components. Siemen himself learned "HiFi" from the ground up. Starting out as a salesman in the hi-fi retail trade, he is now in charge of the renowned electronics manufacturer.

Marius Ingold

in-akustik Product developer

At in-akustik, Marius takes care of the raw material of good sound: electricity. After training as an "electronics technician for industrial engineering" at Siemens, he completed a Bachelor's degree in "Electronics and Computer Engineering". As part of his Master's degree in "Embedded Systems", he worked as a student trainee at in-akustik and discovered his passion for music during this time. He has now been working full-time in in-akustik product development on very "exciting" topics for 3 years.

David Solomon


Since 2018, David has led business development for Qobuz USA as Vice President while also serving as Chief Hi-Res Music Evangelist for audio shows, dealer events and audio manufacturers. During the pandemic, David has launched a livestream called Qobuz Live, featuring audio engineers, high-end audio manufacturers and musicians to bring knowledge and awareness to the music enthusiast community.

Andreas Eichelsdörfer


Andreas is responsible for the magazines AUDIO & stereoplay. He developed a passion for high-quality music reproduction at a young age. To this day, hi-fi has lost none of its appeal for him. He loves analog playback and the digital world of streaming in equal measure. When time permits, and that happens far too rarely, he also likes to pick up an electric guitar or electric bass himself.

Dimi Vesos


HiFi & High End Audio Specialist. Dimi has been passionate about hi-fi for 11 years. He gained most of his experience as an employee in the specialist trade. In June 2021, he started his own business with the idea of doing hi-fi reviews and making them as tasty as possible for all age groups. Within a year, he had already attracted many YouTube subscribers.

Guido Lay

in-akustik Product Manager

Guido has the ultimate high-end gene. For over 30 years, he has been responsible for marketing our audiophile sales brands at in-akustik. A life without music (and biking) is hardly imaginable for him. He has acquired all his know-how himself over the years and has always kept up with the times. Nostalgia meets digital: his expertise ranges from classic vinyl playback to high res audio streaming. And he also manages our IT ;-)

Michael Hirsch

Home Tech Plus Viernheim

While still at school, Michael founded his first company and traded in sound and lighting equipment. For years he worked as a DJ and in the event sector. So music has always been a big part of his life. 1996 - 2019 active in the Hirsch + Ille group of companies. 2020 Start with the new own store: Home Tech Plus. "Music is simply wonderful - from getting up to going to bed an absolute must!"

Holger Wachsmann

in-akustik Product developer

Holger found his way to in-akustik in 1996 after completing his training as a communications electronics technician and has made a name for himself in the hi-fi scene over the years. Initially, he was responsible for cable planning and looked after our most important worldwide sales partners. Gradually, his responsibilities shifted to product development, for which he is now fully responsible.

Patrik Scholz


Patrik aka sound.in.grooves 41 from the Saarland has always been enthusiastic about music and since 2017 has been addicted to vinyl and hi-fi "growing audiophile" but also has a heart for vintage hi-fi and budget setups. Passionate YouTuber on the subject of vinyl and hi-fi and always on the lookout for good sound, new and old music.

Stefan Dreischärf

CEO High End Society

Stefan is Managing Director of HIGH END Society Service GmbH. He is responsible for the world's most important audio/hifi trade fair, the "HIGH END" in Munich. He has been rooted in the hi-fi scene for over 35 years without interruption. Initially traveling nationally and a short time later internationally, he knows almost all facets and people of the HIGH END industry.

Joachim Pfeiffer

HiFi Sound & Music

Joachim publishes the print magazine "HiFi & Musik Journal" (HiFi Sound & Music) in his own publishing house. He was previously editor-in-chief of the magazine "Audio". Pfeiffer has been working in hi-fi journalism since the early 1990s, initially at Heise-Verlag in Hannover and later as a high-end editor at "Stereo". At Motorpresse Stuttgart, he developed the magazine "AudioPhile", among others.