Cable manufacturing at
the heart of in-akustik

The beating heart of in-akustik, its in-house cable plant, is located in Ballrechten-Dottingen, Germany. This is where our success story is rooted – permeated by a congenial working atmosphere, a love of music and a passion for detail.

  • Handmade cables

    since 1977

  • Development & production

    by in-akustik

  • The manufacturing unit

    12 cable assemblers | 450m²

  • In the Markgräflerland region

    A good place to live and work

  • "At in-akustik, we believe musical enjoyment stems from a listening experience that remains as close as possible to the original recording and the artist’s interpretation of the piece."

    That’s why we boast a committed workforce that combines curiosity with a keen sense of precision. With a fascination for music and things that are really special – like the development of our complex AIR cables.

  • Our cable assemblers

    Not often in the spotlight, but crucial to our success: our manufacturing and warehouse team

  • "At in-akustik, we believe musical enjoyment stems from a listening experience that remains as close as possible to the original recording and the artist’s interpretation of the piece."

    That’s why we boast a committed workforce that combines curiosity with a keen sense of precision. With a fascination for music and things that are really special – like the development of our complex AIR cables.

  • "At in-akustik, we believe musical enjoyment stems from a listening experience that remains as close as possible to the original recording and the artist’s interpretation of the piece."

    That’s why we boast a committed workforce that combines curiosity with a keen sense of precision. With a fascination for music and things that are really special – like the development of our complex AIR cables.


Innovative development and manufacturing of cables and electronic components

We specialize in developing cables that enable practically loss-free signal transport between playback device, amplifier and speakers.

Developing a new cable is a slow and arduous process. The various design and construction phases between conception and production are accompanied by frequent tests, rejections, corrections, variations and checks.

Cables and connectors are highly sensitive objects. Keeping the typical physical phenomena that occur during transmission of signals in check requires technical skills and the very best materials. We work day in and day out on further refinements. Utilizing our AIR technology, developed in-house, we have created cables that transport audio signals with scarcely any loss over the entire frequency range. The sound spectrum is enhanced in terms of both clarity and precision.

The Power-Station AC-4500 is our latest innovation. Developed entirely in-house, like our AIR cables this power filter is also manufactured at our own production facility.

High-quality materials

Crucial to the quality of cables are their design, their shielding and the materials we use. Alongside cable architecture, we place a special emphasis on high-quality materials. We use only the purest and most conductive copper for our copper cables. Cast to a thickness of around 10 mm, the coils of copper wire are subjected to stringent purity tests. At a German mill, the copper wire is then drawn in several stages until the required diameter is reached, followed by further processed at a cable plant in Germany. Finally, the cable is refined and assembled in our in-house manufacturing unit. We use only the best high-purity oxygen-free copper for the reference AIR cables.

Customized cables

Every single cable in our Exzellenz and Referenz series is carefully assembled by hand in Ballrechten-Dottingen.

Our in-house expertise and the skills of our workforce enable us to manufacture technically intricate cables and customize them in line with the wishes of our customers..

Apart from the finest of materials, our most importance resource is the manual dexterity of our cable assemblers. In assembling our outstanding cables, our team demonstrates meticulousness, composure, enthusiasm and dedication.

Facts & Figures

Did you know that ...

our LS-4005 AIR Referenz cable (2 x 3.0 m) is made up of 354 individual components? The copper wire used has a length of 4,601 meters and the PE monofilament is 1,723 meters long. The Air Helix structure used in this cable type has 1,904 holes, demanding great skill when threading the conductors.

Rigorous quality control

We manufacture in accordance with the highest standards. Rigorous quality control is carried out before, during and subsequent to assembly. We verify the tolerances of ever individual component. At every stage of manufacturing, we check the configuration and electrics for short-circuits. We also conduct functional and mechanical testing. No product leaves our in-house manufacturing unit without a final quality check.


We operate an ERP-driven logistics center that ensures optimum availability and smooth material flows. Our cable and accessory products are stored and prepared for dispatch in our high-bay warehouse, boasting 3,000 storage locations across 1,350 m² of warehouse space.

AIR technology

The technology sets new standards. Audio signals are impacted by a variety of factors: resistance, inductance, capacitance, insulation and skin effects all have a negative influence on the sound. As a result, the fragile signals are distorted during transmission. Our specially developed AIR technology reduces any resulting losses to a minimum. The 5th generation of this technology is now available.

Cable solutions for industry

On request, we also accept orders for the development and production of sophisticated cable solutions for other industries.

HiFi & Enjoyment Day at in-akustik

Many thanks to all visitors to the first HiFi, Music and Enjoyment Day at in-akustik. It was a pleasure to meet with you and talk about our shared passion – music and its audiophile reproduction. The video on the right contains a few impressions and statements from our visitors.

If you would like to attend the next event, we will be happy to keep you up to date via our newsletter. You can register at any time in the footer at the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you.

LS-4005 AIR
High-end speaker cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point | Multicore
Connection type: SBW | Length: 3 m | Connector: Banana
The LS-4005 AIR high-end speaker cable offers audiophile enthusiasts a unique sound experience. In the new Referenz LS-4005 AIR loudspeaker cable, we have taken the outstanding properties of its predecessor, the LS-4004 AIR, and developed them even further. The point-to-point Air Helix design now enables the AIR Helix architecture to be used from plug to plug and not just between the sleeves. The 360° BFA bananas and spade lugs are a further innovation, developed in-house for easy and convenient connection to the terminals. These and other technical refinements turn the already exceptional AIR cables into true masterpieces. Below you can learn more about the outstanding technical features of this cable, the innovations in the 5th generation and the physical principles used in the AIR technology. Click here and discover the exciting details

Variants from €5,397.00*
NF-2405 AIR | RCA
High-end audio cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point
Breathtaking sound thanks to air insulation - we have already created many innovative designs on the way to perfect insulation, such as DUO-PE insulation or PETS (PE Tube Support). The Referenz NF-2405 cable is another true milestone and an absolute world first in the cable sector. Normally, the conductors are kept at a distance from each other by more or less high-quality filling and insulation materials. With the NF-2405, however, the conductors run through a series of clips connected in series, which form the inner framework and give the NF-2405 exceptional flexibility for high-end cables. The NF-2405 is manufactured entirely in Germany, like all speaker and audio cables in the Referenz series. The clips are assembled by hand with meticulous care in the company's own factory and then the Cross Link super-speed waveguide is threaded in. After this, the resulting air helix is also shielded by hand and given a PE network jacket before the finished cable is assembled using the RCA plugs we developed ourselves. New RCA SL connector: Soldering is a reliable and well-established joining technique, but it has its drawbacks. Disadvantages include the presence of poorly conducting solder in the signal path and the emergence of low thermoelectric emfs. With the SL RCA Plug developed in-house, the connections from the signal conductor to the contact elements are precisely pressure-grouted together using a force of 1.5 tonnes. A further seemingly tiny improvement that brings great rewards in terms of audio performance. Click here and discover the exciting details

From €1,749.00*
Phono-2405 AIR | SME 90° - RCA
High-end phono cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point
The good old record sounds more vibrant than ever. The demand is astonishing, even for experts. The figures for records sold are increasing just as surprisingly as the number of record players. It’s a real boom. But how to improve the sound? One way is to use a new, better cable between the tonearm and the phono amplifier. The Phono-2405 AIR is a cable created to deliver top sound. What sets it apart is an absolutely unique air insulation, called the Air Helix. We have developed a special clip for this technology. It separates the two cable bundles, keeps them apart, and virtually embeds them in air. Using a large number of these clips, it is possible to route earth and signal extremely stably over longer distances. Why the effort? With this approach it is possible to pass on the sensitive signals without slowing them down - the result is fast and high-resolution sound. The Super Speed waveguides are threaded by hand and the clips are fitted with great care in the company's own factory. After this, the resulting Air Helix is also shielded and fitted with the PE network jacket by hand. Finally, the rhodium-plated connectors are fitted and cable functionality is tested. Because it's all about the most important, smallest signals: There is nowhere in the audio world where smaller currents flow that need to be passed on perfectly. The signal level of an MM or MC system is extremely sensitive, at just a few thousandths of a volt. In addition to this, the systems have an inductive character. In combination with the cable capacitance, they form what is known as an oscillating circuit, which favors specific frequencies. If these frequencies are unfavorable due to excessively high capacitance, this has a major effect on the harmony of the sound. Extremely low capacitance and dielectric losses are just two advantages of the Referenz Phono -2405 AIR. They form the basis for unadulterated enjoyment of your vinyl jewels. The sound of good records can hardly be resolved in a finer way than this. Click here and discover the exciting details

From €1,199.00*
AC-2405 AIR | Schuko - C19 | UHQ
High-end mains power cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point | Multicore
A hi-fi system basically reproduces nothing other than modulated household electricity. This means this should arrive at the device as constantly as possible. Here the mains cable (power cable) plays a significant role. The big challenge for power supply cables is extreme current peaks. They are caused by the connected devices themselves converting alternating current into direct current. These extreme current peaks cause a whole range of undesirable effects. Specially designed for connecting up top-notch high-end audio systems, the Referenz AC-2405 AIR mains power cable is based on the already legendary AIR technology. In conjunction with this technology, i.e. the "omission" of insulation material, which would "soak up" part of the energy like a sponge, the Referenz AC-2405 AIR is able to transport very large amounts of energy in a very short time. Many design details of the Referenz AC-2405 AIR counteract the undesirable effects and make it an outstanding energy pipeline for the highest audiophile requirements. However much we focus on high-end sound, safety plays a particularly important role in this cable category. For this reason, every Referenz AC-2405 AIR cable is tested extremely carefully. In addition to an exhaustive functional test, each cable is also subjected to an insulation and high-voltage test. The results are documented, and each cable is given an individual serial number. Click here and discover the exciting details

From €1,749.00*