21 days trial listening

Are you looking around for new electronic equipment or want to know how far top-class cables can improve you existing system? Are you still unsure about which components you should opt for? If so, our test listening store is the ideal address for you. Test selected devices, cables or speakers on your own system for 21 days.

100% convenience

The trial period is completely free of charge. There are no risks involved. You can put the desired equipment through its paces with your existing components and experience the potential of your newly enhanced system. We pay the costs for the delivery and return of your loan device.


Take a look through the keyhole into the living rooms of other test listeners and be inspired by their experiences with our cables, with Primare Elektronik and Audiovector loudspeakers.

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Your personal hi-fi & test listening consultant

Enjoy the support and personal advice of our product managers before, during and after the trial listening period. They will help you select the right components for your individual needs and, if desired, help you configure the electronics.

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Sebastian Fomm

ZIP: 17-33,48,49

+49 (172) 6387265

Erik Fiedler

ZIP: 01-16,36-39,98,99

+49 (172) 6207974

Christoph Pfändler

ZIP: 60,63,64,67-69,70-97

+40 (172) 7663019

Holger Schlieker

ZIP: 34,35,40-47,50-59,61,65,66

+49 (172) 6387266

  • Quotes from other test listeners

    "The whole thing was tremendous fun for me and the product also won over two other hi-fi enthusiasts I know. This cable delivers such honest and authentic sound that you might forget you’re hearing it through a cable at all. It makes listening to music that much more enjoyable!”

    Steffen B. | LS-4004 AIR

  • Quotes from other test listeners

    "Enormously clear and differentiated trebles, a great bass foundation, the different singers’ voices are amazingly audible individually and come together to create a tremendous whole. The stage is even wider than with my regular cables"

    Martin Z. | LS-4004 AIR

  • Quotes from other test listeners

    "This test clearly showed me that an investment in cables is definitely justified and that you can tease out the system's full potential. So now I have a new savings target."

    Stephan | LS-2404 AIR

  • Quotes from other test listeners

    "These speaker cables belong behind bars. I've never heard a stage set-up for classical pieces like this before. Some of the instruments sounded so delicate at times that you could be forgiven for thinking a tube system was playing.
    You have to have these cables."

    Claus-Peter R. | LS-1204 AIR

  • Quotes from other test listeners

    "I then asked my wife to listen to both cable variants with an open mind. She was totally amazed. So, a huge thumbs up and thank you for the opportunity to "test listen" to cables like these at home.”

    Uwe W. | LS-804 AIR

  • We have collected detailed reports from other test users for you in the test listening store. Let them inspire you.

The 6 steps for test listeners:

1. Apply for the trial listening period. Please answer a few questions about your existing components so that we can provide you with the best possible advice and support.

2. Clarify the details of your trial listening period. After your registration, we will contact you using the data you provided in the form and clarify the details of your trial listening period.

3. Delivery des Testgerätes an die von dir angegebene Adresse und du erhältst eine Bestätigungsmail inklusive Sendungsverfolgung.

4. Trial listening period: test, test, test. You now have 14 days to put the selected cable or audio component through its paces at your leisure.

5. Write a report about your trial listening period. We are committed to continuous improvement, and therefore ask you to send us your written report about your experiences at the end of the test period.

6. End of the trial listening period. If you are enthusiastic: We will put you in touch with a dealer in your area where you can purchase a new device. We will have the test device collected from you at our expense. If the tested device did not totally convince you: We will have the device collected from you at our expense. You don't have to worry about anything.

Important information:

  • We only have a limited number of cables available for test listeners. Please be patient if we are unable to send you the desired equipment immediately. Our colleagues will arrange a date during the initial consultation. 

  • We receive a lot of requests from test listeners, and have therefore compiled criteria that make it easier for interested candidates to receive their chosen articles for testing. The process also includes questions about your existing components. If you have some knowledge of hi-fi topics, that's an added bonus. 

  • Already having high-quality components in your chain is a great basis for further enhancing the sound of your system. Please note that high-end cables alone cannot turn a mediocre system into a world-beater. Therefore, in order to offer you the best possible service, we take a lot of time to advise you about choosing suitable components. This is why we always contact you to discuss your needs after you register for a trial period. 

  •  If you have no serious interest in our components or have little hi-fi experience, we would be grateful if you would not limit the opportunities for other truly interested listeners.

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