Flim & The BB's



2 LP
180g Audiophile Virgin Vinyl
The legendary recording for the first time on vinyl
Product number: 0344471
Product information "Tunnel"
Flim & the BB‘s have been one of the most popular jazz fusion bands of the 80s. Their albums quickly found a large base among contemporary jazz fans as well as friends of an audiophile sound. Several albums, including Tunnel, have been voted Jazz CD of the Year by Digital Audio. Tunnel is an asset not just for every friend of jazz fusion. It represents everything a jazz fusion album should offer: Unique sound, competent musicality and solid harmony, combined with excellent sound quality. The album by Flim and the BB's, which is still legendary today, was no longer available in mint condition for over a decade. Now Tunnel is emerging again - as a Double-LP. • DMM • 180 Gr. Virgin Vinyl
1 Light At The End Of The Tunnel Flim & The BB's 00:07:00
2 Room With A View Of You Flim & The BB's 00:06:57
3 Roberta Flim & The BB's 00:05:47
4 Mermaid Flim & The BB's 00:05:14
5 Man Overboard Flim & The BB's 00:05:24
1 Surprise Party Flim & The BB's 00:03:39
2 Innocent Bystander Flim & The BB's 00:06:11
3 Ivory Tower Flim & The BB's 00:05:39
4 Momentary Truce Flim & The BB's 00:05:06
5 High Roller Flim & The BB's 00:04:40
6 November Nights Flim & The BB's 00:05:15
Artist: Flim & The BB's
Label: DMP
Genre: Jazz
Sub-genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Media Type: LP Audiophil
Special: LP Audiophil
Price-Code: 166

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