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The good old record sounds more vibrant than ever. The demand is astonishing, even for experts. The figures for records sold are increasing just as surprisingly as the number of record players. It’s a real boom. But how to improve the sound? One way is to use a new, better cable between the tonearm and the phono amplifier.

The Phono-2405 AIR is a cable created to deliver top sound. What sets it apart is an absolutely unique air insulation, called the Air Helix. We have developed a special clip for this technology. It separates the two cable bundles, keeps them apart, and virtually embeds them in air. Using a large number of these clips, it is possible to route earth and signal extremely stably over longer distances.

Why the effort? With this approach it is possible to pass on the sensitive signals without slowing them down - the result is fast and high-resolution sound. The Super Speed waveguides are threaded by hand and the clips are fitted with great care in the company's own factory. After this, the resulting Air Helix is also shielded and fitted with the PE network jacket by hand. Finally, the rhodium-plated connectors are fitted and cable functionality is tested.

Because it's all about the most important, smallest signals: There is nowhere in the audio world where smaller currents flow that need to be passed on perfectly. The signal level of an MM or MC system is extremely sensitive, at just a few thousandths of a volt. In addition to this, the systems have an inductive character. In combination with the cable capacitance, they form what is known as an oscillating circuit, which favors specific frequencies. If these frequencies are unfavorable due to excessively high capacitance, this has a major effect on the harmony of the sound. Extremely low capacitance and dielectric losses are just two advantages of the Referenz Phono -2405 AIR. They form the basis for unadulterated enjoyment of your vinyl jewels. The sound of good records can hardly be resolved in a finer way than this.

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Application: High-end phono cable
Cable diameter: 25 mm
Conductor design: Cross Link Super Speed waveguide
Conductor material: High-purity OFC copper
Conformity: CE, REACH, RoHS
Connector assembly: Soldering
Contact enhancement: Rhodium-coated
Contact material: Tellurium copper
Customized assembly: On request
Design: Double symmetrical | Additional ground wire
Dielectric: Air
Jacket: PE network jacket
Length: 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m
Shielding: Dense copper braid, tin-plated (oxidation protection)
Product group: Home HiFi
Product category: Phono cables
Quality: Referenz
Technology: AIR Helix Point-to-Point
Connector: SME > 2 x XLR
Connector highlight: XLR 180 | +/- 45° rotatable
Made in Germany: Yes
"There is hardly anything else we use so regularly and know so well as the cables from Ballrechten-Dottingen in Baden [...] There shouldn't be much room for improvement in terms of quality. Rather, the innovative Baden-based company demonstrates how air in the conductor can carry you to the top. Rarely have we been so blown away in the listening room as with the 2405 AIR cable set!" Stereo | 07-2024
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"Furthermore, the optimized power supply ensured a consistent energy flow, resulting in a more organized soundstage with added depth. The Audiovector R8 Arreté speakers emit mid and high frequencies to the rear as well. However, the already impressive spaciousness was further refined. The improvement in coherence and precision was truly striking. Where often one aspect is gained at the expense of another (tablecloth effect), here the tablecloth seemed to expand in all directions." Audio Swiss | 01-2024
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Thanks to the Air Helix design, the conductors run freely suspended through the length of the cable.

The Air Helix architecture permits signal conductors to be insulated to practically 100% by air. Special clips were developed to provide the supporting framework. Positioned at defined intervals inside the cables, these clips keep the helically-arranged conductors apart. Cable flexibility is assured by means of two struts that ensure the clips remain together but also at a precise distance from each other. This architecture is unique, bringing low capacitance and minimum dielectric losses – a true milestone in the search for open and unadulterated sound.

Our physical approach: Minimize losses for true-to-original playback.

Our Referenz AIR cables transport audio signals between source, amplifier and speaker in an authentic way and with a minimum of loss. You can enjoy music that precisely expresses the emotions of the artists at the time of recording – sensual, subtle, light-hearted or orchestral right through to full-blooded and rocking. Vocals and instruments are delivered in unadulterated form. Everything remains vibrant and full of emotive energy. Favorite tracks and pieces continue to trigger strong feelings even when you’ve heard them a hundred time over.

  • "Physics is the winner: in-akustik's superb phono cable is a great example of how consistent application of technology can enable a cable to deliver outstanding results."

    LP-Magazin | Phono-2404 AIR (previous model)
  • "Physics is the winner: in-akustik's superb phono cable is a great example of how consistent application of technology can enable a cable to deliver outstanding results."

    LP-Magazin | Phono-2404 AIR (previous model)

To the point

AIR Helix

The Air Helix architecture enables the signal conductors to run freely suspended through the length of the cable and permits signal conductors to be insulated to practically 100% by air.

The dielectric

The dielectric Using air as a dielectric lowers capacitance to a minimum. In comparison with other insulators, using air as a dielectric leads to no increase in capacitance and creates no dielectric losses.

Multicore structure

By cleverly arranging the conductors in the multiply nested multicore structures, overlapping magnetic field areas are created that significantly reduce inductance.

The conductors

The Cross Link Super Speed waveguide avoids so-called skin effects and delivers a balanced sound, even with complex music passages and high volume levels.

Pressure-grouted contacts

The connectors are pressed directly into the conductor material of the cable using a special tool with a force of 1.5 tonnes. Contact resistance and other negative solder effects are avoided.

Point-to-point Air Helix for end-to-end connections

A new feature in the 5th generation of in-akustik’s Air Helix architecture is the point-to-point connection. Specially designed transitions are available for each type of cable and connector. Across the complete length of the cable – point-to-point AIR Helix. It may sound trivial at first, but the results are impressive. Sound signals are transported with minimized losses, right through to the final centimeters. The sound is more detailed and dynamic than even before.

The conductor structure

The Cross Link Super Speed waveguide avoids skin effects caused by eddy currents in the conductor. Thanks to the braided structure, the waveguide is able to precisely transport even extreme current peaks. A lacquer coating around each wire prevents eddy currents within the conductor and protects against oxidation. All this results in a conductor that delivers a balanced sound consisting of vibrant and never overemphasized timbres, even in complex musical passages and at high volume levels.

The conductor material

The conductor material is a crucial factor for the transmission of sound signals. Any contamination worsens the conductance and increases the background noise. We only use pure, oxygen-free copper in our AIR cables. We ensure that only carefully selected batches of pure copper are processed. We take great pains to measure the quality of the copper before it is sent to the mill for drawing to the required cross-section over the course of a multi-stage process.

The shielding

EMC interference, from sources such as mobile phone and WiFi networks, is constantly increasing. This interference impairs the sensitive audio signal. Interference occurs when signals of different frequencies overlap. This can result in unwanted distortions that have nothing to do with the original signal. Dense shielding is therefore essential to protect the extremely sensitive music signals from this interference so that even the finest details are preserved.

Cable manufacturing unit

The beating heart of in-akustik is our manufactory. This is where our success story is rooted – permeated by a congenial working atmosphere, a love of music and a passion for detail. At in-akustik, we believe musical enjoyment stems from a listening experience that remains as close as possible to the original recording and the artist’s interpretation of the piece. That’s why we boast a committed workforce that combines curiosity with a keen sense of precision. With a fascination for music and things that are really special – like the development of our complex AIR cables.


Each cable is handcrafted with the utmost care. Our extensive know-how and the qualifications of our team enable us to manufacture the complex cables in a customized manner. Apart from the finest of materials, our most important resource is the manual dexterity of our cable assemblers. In assembling our outstanding cables, they demonstrate meticulousness, composure and dedication.

Rigorous quality control

We manufacture in accordance with the highest standards. Rigorous quality control is carried out before, during and subsequent to assembly. We verify the tolerances of ever individual component. At every stage of manufacturing, we check the configuration and electrics for short-circuits. We also conduct functional and mechanical testing. No product leaves our manufacturing unit without a final quality check

Sensitive phono signals

The signal level of an MM or MC system is extremely sensitive, at just a few thousandths of a volt. In addition to this, the systems have an inductive character. In combination with the cable capacitance, they form an oscillating circuit, which favors specific frequencies. If these frequencies are unfavorable due to excessively high capacitance, this has a major effect on the harmony of the sound. Extremely low capacitance and dielectric losses are just two advantages of the Referenz Phono -2405 AIR.

XLR 180° connector

Conventional XLR connectors are designed for fixed positioning, which often forces the cable to twist. This load causes increased mechanical stress. In contrast, our proprietary XLR 180° connector offers a unique and adjustable alignment that allows the connector to be rotated within a range of +/- 90 degrees. This flexibility not only reduces the mechanical stress on the cable, it also enables optimum alignment of the cable in relation to the device sockets, which are often arranged differently from device to device.


The best cable requires optimum connection technology. We use tellurium copper, a harder metal alloy that maintains the high conductivity value. Much superior to that of brass connectors. The rhodium coating ensures long-lasting contact and corrosion resistance. The stable conductivity is even maintained with frequent conversions. This is better than gold contacts, which wear out quicker.

PE network jacket

Most cables have a PVC sheath surrounded by a textile or plastic braid. This sheath is meant to protect the cable from mechanical damage. At in-akustik, we deliberately don’t use a PVC sheath in order to avoid capacitance and any consequent dielectric losses. The sheaths for AIR cables are made of polyethylene monofilaments. These hold the conductors tightly together, reduce microvibrations and allow extreme dynamic peaks to be processed in an unadulterated fashion.

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