Freestanding frame for absorber base | 50x55
High-end hi-fi furniture Metal frame Sand-filled, 3 mm thick square tube
From the wall to the floor: With the free-standing STOIC base, ideal sound can be heard from floors and furniture to the very heights of enthusiasm. In terms of construction and design, the STOIC base is a further development of the STOIC wall mount. Its mission: To eliminate vibrations in the appliance base plate. Regardless of whether the hi-fi components are placed on the floor or on furniture such as sideboards and hi-fi racks. The metal frame of the STOIC base, like that of the STOIC wall mount, is made of thick-walled tubular steel; the corners are reinforced by triangular brackets. On top of this, the supporting plate, made of low-resonance materials such as natural slate or multiplex wood, is in hard, unsprung contact with the frame. Thanks to its stability and rigidity, the STOIC base also provides solid support for very heavy components such as power amplifiers or sensitive components such as analog drives and tube amplifiers. The enormous mass of the construction alone destroys any vibration energy. The frame is filled with sand. If the floor is particularly uneven or flimsy, you can optionally fill the supporting plate with sand as well. This means that undesirable resonances, drive vibrations, generator hum or music energy flowing back through the floor hasn’t a chance. Metal frame: Completely hand-welded and finely brushed frame made of V2A stainless steel. Optionally available in powder-coated steel (black matt or white matt) 3 mm thick square tube measuring 30 × 30 mm. Sand-filled. Footprint (WxD): 550 × 500 mm The STOIC base has 4 height-adjustable stainless steel spikes with coasters. The maximum load capacity is 100 kg All surfaces and weld seams are polished and finely brushed in the stainless steel version The metal construction and support plates are manufactured entirely by hand in Germany/li>