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Losses occur at every Connection. The challange is to minimise these losses with appropriate cables. The best cable is the one that least affects the reproduction Quality of the Hi-Fi or video chain and transmits the original signal with the minimum loss.

Signal transmission is affected by:

  • Mobile phones, Wi-Fi- and electrosmog
  • Small conductor cross sections
  • Low-quality conductors made from impure, oxidised or recycled copper or even Aluminium
  • Poor insulation
  • Capacitance (a cable acts like a battery and stores energy) and inductance

Minimise losses by:

  • Multi-layer, highly dense shielding against external interference
  • Extra-thick conductor cross sections for high data rates
  • Very pure copper conductors for a homogeneous and unhindered signal flow
  • High-quality insulation against external factors such as moisture (oxidation of the copper)
  • Special cable structures that reduce undesired capacity and inductivity and improve performance

Our quality levels

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Our products are made of first-rate materials and offer optimum performance. And that is also reflected in the quality. With every quality level, from Star to Premium and Excellence, right up to our absolute top-ofthe- range Reference class, you benefit from finer, more sophisticated and ingenious cable technology. What do you get? More sound. More sharpness. Less loss.

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What`s important about cables


No cable can actually improve the sound or picture on an AV system. A good cable is not the one that gets the most out of a system, but the one that loses the least!


Often, the potential of an expensively purchased system is wasted because of unsuitable cables. The cables supplied work, but their susceptibility to interference, inadequate material properties and small cross-sections mean that signals suffer losses during transmission. Even with bad tyres, a Ferrari will get you from A to B, but you won’t be getting the performance it is capable of.


In poorly insulated cables, the copper oxidises and loses conductivity. If you look at copper guttering, you can see how environmental effects (such as air humidity) act on unprotected copper and cause corrosion. As well as this, high-quality insulating material prevents unwanted capacitance.


Cables function as aerials and “mop up” interference. You will be familiar with this from the buzzing that mobile phones cause from loudspeakers. Effective, multi-layer shielding counteracts this.


Products often come with copper-coated aluminium wires, or conductors manufactured from impure, recycled copper, which significantly reduces the conductivity. For a smooth signal flow, it is important to use very pure,
oxygen-free copper (OFC) with a high conductivity rating.


The higher the cross-section, the lower the resistance of the conductor and therefore the better the signal flow. This is comparable to a thick fire hose, which allows much more water to flow through it than an ordinary garden hose.


The longer an HDMI cable is, and the higher the data rate to be carried (e.g. 4k; UHD), the more errors are caused by the HDMI cable. Therefore, especially with longer HDMI cables, it is important to pay attention to quality (cross-section, conductor material, shielding etc.).

Quality management

You can expect absolute fitting precision and the highest quality standards. Each batch is put to the test on our in-house set-up.

HDMI 2.1

Learn more about the new HDMI 2.1 features, our Ultra High Speed HDMI cables and the certification program of the HDMI organization.

HDMI 2.1 Special


We have put together the most important terms from the world of cable technology. Have a look in our glossary to learn more about cable features.


Made in Germany

Most of our home hi-fi and video cables in the Referenz and Exzellenz quality classes are manufactured by in-house production plants at company Headquarter

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