Blues Rock
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Blues Rock
35 - 0190602

Like It On Top


Ana Popovic is living her music with body and soul. With a mixture of blues and soul, she offers a convincing guitar playing. She is named among the most popular and recognized musicians of the modern blues worldwide. With her subtle singing and a guitar playing at ist best, she is considered the forerunner of the new blues rock of the 21st century. Bruce Springsteen calls her 'a hell of a guitarist', and the Blues Music Awards nominated her six times.

On Like It On Top, Ana Popovic focuses on empowered, successful and inspiring female role models, exploring various aspects of women's empowerment - a hot topic in today's world. The album celebrates those who take initiative, develop, inspire and motivate.

  • Lasting Kind Of Love 
  • Like It On Top 
  • Sexy Tonight 
  • Slow Dance
  • Funkin' Attitude
  • Last Thing I Do
  • Virtual Ground
  • Brand New Man
  • A Matter Of Time
  • Honey Im Home