Pop Instrumental (Pop Instrumental / NewAge / Relaxation)
11 - 03720101
Pop Instrumental (Pop Instrumental / NewAge / Relaxation)
11 - 03720101

Balcony Lullabies (150g LP)

  • Artist: Ploug, Mikkel
  • Format: LP
  • Order No.: 03720101
  • Release Date: 23.10.2020
  • Label: Stunt Records
  • Genre: Pop Instrumental (Pop Instrumental / NewAge / Relaxation)

For 28 nights in a row during the Corona shutdown in Denmark, Danish guitarist Mikkel Ploug played on his balcony for neighbors and online listeners from all over the world. The evening performances were viewed over 30,000 times and shortly afterwards, Mikkel went into the studio and recorded the material for a solo album, entitled “Balcony Lullabies.” The story was published in one of the United States' largest guitar magazines (Fretboard Journal) and was covered on Danish radio and TV. The repertoire includes Danish ‘evening songs’ and lullabies, spiced up with a few standards.

Having toured and performed in at least 24 countries, with 13 albums released, and over 2 million streams of his solo recording “Alleviation,” Mikkel Ploug has officially arrived and established himself on the international jazz scene. His album, “Faroe,” was selected for the first round of the American Grammy Awards in the “Best Instrumental Jazz Album” category in 2018.

  • Det er i dag et vejr
  • Elefantens vuggevise
  • Vårvise
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  • Julia
  • Solen er så rød, mor
  • The Nearness Of You
  • Jeg ved en lærkerede
  • Stille hjerte, sol går ned
  • Hilsen til forårssolen
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Du kom med alt det, der var dig
  • Under stjernerne på himlen