35 - 0621177
35 - 0621177

Feel Me

  • Artist: Meena
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0621177
  • Release Date: 09.03.2012
  • Label: Ruf Records
  • Genre: Blues

No Doubt, Feel Me, Meena’s new album is a worthy sequel of her first album TRY ME (RUF 1156). It shows all the musical sides of her and her congenial partner Chris Fillmore as composers and artists. Eleven Songs of Desire, Love, Hope and Sadness, played with the devotion, the feelings and the musicianship by Meena and her musicians, that a real good blues album needs are on this one. Nine songs are composed by Meena and Chris, and two are covers.

One cover is the fantastic KISS-Song I Was Made For Loving You played like Willy De Ville would have played this song. The other cover is Come To Mama from Etta James. As Meena record this song, nobody thought, that Etta have to passed away so soon. So this is a wonderful Song in memory of the wonderful unforgottable Etta James now. Meena is not Etta, Meena is only Meena. And she is one of the European top blues artists. So she reached the second place in the European Blues Challenge 2011, and will play her first shows in the USA this year.

If your listen her songs, like Movin’ On or the wonderful If I Meet Your One More Time (written in memory of her beloved brother) you will know, she is a true blues singer and she will be one of the top someday. And if not, it doesn’t cares her, because all she wants is to sing her music.

So listen to Meena, listen to her bluesy rocking and dancing music and feel her musical heartbeat and soul.

  • Movin' On
  • I Was Made For Loving You
  • Stay Away From Me Baby
  • If I Meet You One More Time
  • If You Had A Diamond
  • Beg Like A Sinner
  • Feel Me
  • Come To Mama
  • My Emtpty Bed
  • Lord Have Mercy
  • Singing Songs
  • My Perfomance Is Over