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Meeting My Shadow


Vanessa Collier’s time is now. For uninitiated listeners who have never experienced this fascinating artist, Meeting My Shadow will be a revelation. But to the long-time fans who have followed the Maryland singer, songwriter and saxophonist through the twists of her career, this is the classic album she’s promised from the start. Meeting My Shadow is a meeting of the past, present and future, notes Vanessa of this second release. A tribute to the spirit of blues tradition, a reflection on our present culture and a hopeful wish for growth, understanding and inclusion as we move forward together. It’s also a story of perseverance and empowerment, meant to share strength and provide an uplifting message.

Now, Meeting My Shadow presents eleven songs that explore life’s triumphs and challenges. Released in 2017 on Ruf Records, Meeting My Shadow is the sound of a rising talent reaching unstoppable momentum. I am unrelenting and passionate about what I do, says Vanessa. I’m made to perform and, for me, I don’t see any other option. I’m all in. Let’s go!



Vanessa Collier: Vocals, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute on track 1, Rhodes on track 1, Wurlitzer on track 1, 3, 11, Clavinet on track 1, Percussion on track 1, Organ on track 2, Shuitar on track 3

TK Jackson : Organ on track 5, Background Vocals on track 6, 10

Daniel McKee : Bass

Laura Chavez : Guitar, Resonator Guitar

Charles Hodges: Organ on track 3, 9, 10, 11, Clavinet on track 3, 9, Piano on track 4, 8, 10, Wurlitzer on track 9

Marc Franklin : Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Guest Musicians:

Josh Roberts : Slide Guitar on track 3, 5

Brenda Jackson: Organ on track 6

Lenny Bradford: Bass on track 1

Nicholas Stevens : Drums on track 1

  • Poisoned The Well
  • Dig A Little Deeper
  • When It Don't Come Easy
  • Two Parts Sugar, One Part Lime
  • When Love Comes To Town
  • You’re Gonna Make Me Cry
  • Whiskey And Women
  • Meet Me Where I'm At
  • Cry Out
  • Up Above My Head, I Hear Music In The Air
  • Devil's On The Downslide