Bluetooth audio receiver
High-quality Bluetooth audio receiver Quality: Premium Up to 8 devices
Enjoy your favorite music from your smartphone, tablet PC or laptop – as well as from your iPhone or iPad – conveniently and wirelessly delivered via your high-quality hi-fi system. And, thanks to the special aptX technology, in top-class CD quality. The Premium Bluetooth receiver supports all common standards such as A2DP and SBC, and is compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices, regardless of brand. The Premium Bluetooth receiver stores up to eight devices. Once the devices have been paired, they are automatically recognized, which speeds up reconnection. In addition to the usual analog output (3.5 mm jack), the receiver also has an optical digital output, enabling connection to new generations of amplifiers.

Bluetooth audio transmitter & splitter | Jack
High-quality audio transmitter & splitter Quality: Premium Range up to 10 m
Using the Premium Bluetooth audio transmitter, Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers can be conveniently connected to audio sources that lack Bluetooth functionality, such as a TV, hi-fi system or PC. In combination with the Premium Bluetooth audio receiver, a wireless audio connection can also be set up between the TV and the hi-fi system, for example. The Premium Bluetooth transmitter can be paired with two Bluetooth receivers at the same time (splitter function). This is a simple way to set up multi-room solutions, for example. To power it, plug the USB connector into a free USB port on a device or a USB power supply unit (not included).