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Digital-2405 AIR | XLR
High-end digital cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point
Length: 1.5 m
The Air Helix architecture of the Referenz Digital-2405 AIR is absolutely unique. We have developed a special clip that enables us to come as close as possible to perfect air insulation. Inside the cable, a large number of these clips form the supporting structure that keeps the helically-arranged conductors apart in the air and guides them through the shielding at a defined distance from each other. Cable flexibility is assured by means of two struts that ensure the clips remain together but also at a precise distance from one another. With coaxial cables, the shielding is generally also used as a ground wire. The Referenz Digital 2405, on the other hand, has a double-symmetric design with two positive and two negative conductors. This means that the shielding is completely separate and the signal remains free of interference. Even if it sounds paradoxical, thanks to the innovative air insulation in this cable, hi-fi becomes a simply breathtaking sound experience. Click here and discover the exciting details

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Digital-2405 AIR Pure Silver | XLR
High-end digital cable Quality: Referenz AIR Helix Point-to-Point | Pure Silver
Length: 1.5 m
With the Digital-2405 AIR Pure Silver, the digital member of the AIR family is now also available as a pure silver cable. The dimensions, structure and arrangement of the conductors correspond to the respective copper versions. As with the LS-4005 AIR Pure Silver, LS-2405 AIR Pure Silver and LS-1205 Pure Silver, the signal conductors have been optimized. AIR technology is a milestone in our more than 40-year company history and is causing a sensation in the hi-fi industry worldwide. The approach itself sounds relatively banal: The physically induced losses must be minimized in order to transmit the original music signal as authentically and neutrally as possible. And, thanks to the AIR technology, loss-free transmission is closer than ever before. It leads to significantly better sound reproduction, which is not only subjectively audible but also objectively measurable. The insulation (or dielectric) of the AIR cables is practically perfect thanks to the air insulation, and hardly affects the sound at all. The structure, dimensions and arrangement of the conductors are optimized, and approach the limits of what is physically possible. Adding another highlight to this perfect audiophile foundation, we then focused on the conductor material of the cables. Copper in the appropriate purity is already a very good conductor. A superconductor, where electrical resistance is zero, would be perfect, of course. Unfortunately, superconducting materials require temperatures of at least -70 degrees. Under realistic operating conditions, the best conducting material we have is currently silver. At 61.35 S/m (Siemens pro Meter), its conductivity is approximately six percent superior to that of copper. However, this precious metal is about 100 times more expensive. Click here and discover the exciting details

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Digital cable XLR AES/EBU
HiFi digital cable Quality: Exzellenz Double symmetrical| XLR
Length: 1.5 m
The Exzellenz AES/EBU digital cable is specially designed for the professional 110 ohm AES/EBU standard. The symmetrical design and triple shielding minimize interference and provide optimum protection for sensitive audio data. The digital music signal is transported with precision (low jitter) thanks to the silver-plated conductors and the perfectly-adapted impedance. This enables a natural and dynamic sound, especially with high-resolution audio formats. The solid metal plugs with 24k gold-plated contacts ensure optimum contact and minimal contact resistance.

Variants from €119.00*