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From the idea to the product

Our service begins long before you place the order: It starts with comprehensive technical and commercial advice, as well as planning for the projects – at your premises, if you want. It includes exactly understanding your requirements, developing custom solutions and concepts, and implementation at our in-house production facilities. Some of our industrial Clients:

Production & Product development

Due to the integrated production at our headquarters in Ballrechten-Dottingen, we are able to guarantee outstanding tolerance, short delivery times, excellent service and individual solutions e.g. in view of workability.


  • Machining the raw components
  • Sheathing with individual textile braids
  • Assembling the cables – hand-made in Ballrechten-Dottingen
  • Quality control in our own test set-up

Our services

Our cables, lines and connections are used anywhere where energy or data is transmitted, anywhere where electricity and electronics play a role. For example in production and logistics and home entertainment.

  • Consultation
  • Development
  • Production
  • Quality management
  • Different cable and plug types
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • References

Quality Management

Our quality management system guarantees the highest precision. We make no concessions when it comes to dimensional tolerance, electrical parameters ad the performance of our cables and leads. This gives you absolute fitting precision and the utmost reliability. Certificates from independent institutions and testing laboratories guarantee that the highest standards are maintained

Highest possible precision

In our product design we do everything to ensure excellent Quality from the outset. We subject our products to intense scrutiny and continuously carry out quality controls during the production process. For example, we inspect all materials for compliance with the acceptable quality level (AQL), the standard for “imported” materials and finished products. We check the tolerances of each individual part, the print quality, the colours and the construction. We investigate chemical and hazardous substances in accordance with RoHS and REACH. We test the electrics for short circuits and configuration at each production step. We carry out both functional and mechanical tests. And, of course, we test the live performance. This is what we mean by maximum precision

Packaging ordinance

All “initial distributors” of packaging filled with products that are typically destined for private consumers must contribute towards the officially recognised Dual Systems scheme. This finances the subsequent disposal
of the packaging.

CE compliant

The CE marking shows that the manufacturer declares that the product complies with the relevant health,
safety and environmental standards. The CE marking is not a test label, but shows that the product can be sold on the European market.

REACH ordinance

The European REACH ordinance is intended to protect people and the environment from harmful chemicals.
Among other things, REACH specifies the obligation to provide Information on substances of particular concern in order to minimise their use.

law on batteries

The law on batteries states that responsibility for taking back and disposing of used batteries lies with the manufacturers, importers and sellers. The process for returning used batteries is largely handled by retailers, where you will often find green boxes where the batteries can be deposited for Recycling.

RoHS directive

All our products comply with the stringent RoHS directive. RoHS (Restriction Of Hazardous Substances) is an EU directive (2011/65/EG) aimed at reducing the use of substances in electronic devices that are harmful to health and the environment.

Referenz Selection

"The LS-4004 AIR is one of the finest cables we’ve ever heard. It is gifted with a phenomenal Analysis." stereoplay 01-2018

More about Referenz Selection

Made in Germany

Most of the in-akustik Referenz and Exzellenz hifi and video cables are manufactured here in Ballrechten-Dottingen. 

Behind the scenes

Cable Guide

What you should consider when choosing your cables and how to fully exploit your systems potential – our cable guide will illustrate this for you.


OEM production - Made in Germany

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