HDMI 2.0 Swich 3->1

The Star HDMI switch supports the new, high-resolution 4k50/60 Hz UHD HDR and HDCP2.2 formats, and is downward- compatible. It can be connected directly to the TV/projector, or be connected using the adapter supplied along with an HDMI extension cable. This makes it a convenient solution when source devices are set up a long way from the TV or projector, because only one long HDMI cable needs to be installed, instead of three. The inputs are automatically connected to the last source activated, and can, alternatively, also be switched over on the device manually. No external power supply unit is required (HDMI powered).

The HDMI switch automatically connects to the last source activated. In isolated cases, the sources connected may not support this feature, and the automatic switchover will not react. Alternatively, the inputs can be switched over manually using the Select button.


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