In their quest for finding true air insulation and thus perfect signal separation, German cable makers in-akustik once again have set new standards with their Referenz LS-2404 AIR speaker cable. When it comes to high-end applications, air is actually the best insulator currently available.

The use of air insulation allows for achieving low capacities and low losses—key factors for pristine transmission. The Referenz LS-2404 AIR combines the outstanding features of its predecessor, the LS-2404, with those of the almost legendary NF-2404 audio cable.

in-akustik’s Air Helix principle is truly unique: They have designed a dedicated clip to approximate to perfect air insulation as closely as possible. Inside the cable, a huge number of those clips are arranged to form a special helical support holding eight signal conductors freely in the air while keeping them at an exact distance throughout the cable. The structure is highly flexible thanks to two crosspieces that do not only interconnect the clips but also ensure highly accurate spacing.

Just like all speaker and audio cables from the Referenz series, the LS-2404 AIR is entirely made in Germany. The clips are meticulously assembled by hand at the on-site factory and then threaded into the Cross Link Super Speed waveguide. The resulting Air Helix then receives a PE network jacket and rhodium-plated plugs before the finished cable is subject to thorough final inspection.