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Case Schafrat aka Zootcase – while the charming Dutchman already feels at home in quite a few of the world’s larger cities, now is the time for his music to hit stages all around the globe. With the emotional depth of his unique voice and his outstanding musical intuition, he has now surrounded himself with some of Europe’s best artists bringing this special musical gift to the world. In “Zootcase – The Only One”, Schafrat offers eleven wonderful songs. Meticulously arranged by Dimitar Bodurov, the catchy tunes are destined for success. Nevertheless, they steer well clear of clichés or clumsiness, but playfully incorporate Schafrat’s nickname “Zootcase”. “Zoot” – colloquial Dutch for stylish or sophisticated, but with a certain edge and individuality, capturing curiosity and interest. Schafrat himself is just that – at first glance, he writes jazzy pop or poppy jazz, but more than anything he writes stories. Stories that capture life itself, stories waiting to be told. Tales of friendship and relationships, of love and of loneliness, of failure and uncertainty. Stories which give Schafrat the opportunity to explore musical nuances. His music promises to be just as varied and multi-faceted as his band. While producer and arranger Dimitar Budrov at the keys, Mihail “Misho” Ivanov on bass (both from Bulgaria) and Jens Düppe (GER) on the drums form the euphonic pillars, Slovene cellist Kristijan Krajnčan manages to introduce an entirely new dimension into songs like “Running Out of You” or “Conceiving”. The musical expertise of Jazz-star Eric Vloeimans (NL – trumpet) in the hit-song “The Only One” and singer Astrid Seriese (NL) in “Love OD” bring out entirely new features. Seemingly effortless, they bring each song’s unique story to life – A real feast for your ears and for your soul.

Line Up:

Zootcase - lead vocals

Dimitar Bodurov - piano, B3 organ, wurlitzer

Misho Ivanov - bass

Jens Düppe - drums


Eric Vloeimans - trumpet

Edu Hackenitz - guitar

Astrid Seriese - voc

Kristijan Krajnčan - cello

Juri Kuefner - percussion

Tzvetin Todorov - guitars

  • Running Out of You
  • Don't Push Your Luck
  • The Only One
  • Avalanche
  • Strength
  • Bottom of My Heart
  • Love OD
  • Conceiving
  • Shadowdance
  • Live Off Love
  • Too Lonely