Pop International
35 - 01678105
Pop International
35 - 01678105

Canton Reference Check - Vol. 1 (UHQCD)

  • Artist: Various
  • Format: CD
  • Speciality: U-HQCD
  • Order No.: 01678105
  • Release Date: 04.09.2020
  • Label: inakustik
  • Genre: Pop International

It’s the sound that makes the music. Experience the perfection of the best music. With pieces full of depth. There’s no compromise when it comes to what excites Canton.

We all have one passion in common – music. Not just any music, but the very best music. Songs that inspire us. Sounds that make us close our eyes and forget the world around us. Canton has put together a compilation of 12 favorites - each one has its very own nuances. Discover the mid-tones. These 12 pieces are a journey of discovery for your ears and thus put all speakers through their paces.

In order to bring the sound quality closer to the quality of the master, this recording is pressed onto an Ultimate HiQuality CD (UHQCD). The high-quality Mediabook rounds up the package.

• Ultimate HiQuality CD (UHQCD)

  • Friends (Friend N Fellow)
  • Sommer III, Presto (Ozawa, Seiji / Boston Symphony Orchestra)
  • So What (Davis, Miles)
  • Delta Time (Theessink, Hans & Evans, Terry)
  • Rainy Night in Georgia (Benson, George)
  • Silent Nite (Blues Company)
  • Thirteen Thirtyfive (Dillon)
  • Arabian Desert Groove (Antolini, Charly)
  • Exodus (Kauflin, Justin)
  • Dancing in the Dark (Bennett, Tony)
  • Still Waters Run Deep (No, Carolin)
  • The Forest (Original Mix) (Trentemoeller)