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This first presentation on CD of the music of Tumbao

Cubacao expresses the friendship of a group of musicians who mainly have

their cultural roots in the Caribbean islands Curacao and Cuba. Along their

regular work they have met on several occasions and they shared the same desire

in creating the music that lead to the great joy of recording what you are going

to hear. Most of the songs presented in Tumba Cubacao are own

compositions and express, each in their own different feel, the mood and

intention that spontaneously brought musical thoughts on the designing board. As

promoters of music with it´s origin in the island of Curacao , whether

interpreted in our native rhythms, or with different Caribean flair, we are

extremely proud to be part of the family of music lovers who have joined efforts

to produce Tumbao Cubacao. The title of this CD gives an idea of the

multible influences that lead to the music of Tumbao and undoubtedly you

will feel the urge to snap your fingers to dance.

Take your chance with the music of Tumbao Cubacao.

Dance to it, absorb it´s musical beauty and enjoy. And if you have the chance to

be around at any live presentation, be welcome to share the spirit that Igort,

Arnell, Alexey, Joselo, Ernie, Magou, Gaby

Hershel and Pierre personally want to share with you.

  • Hora Mismo
  • A Mi Papa
  • Tumba Cubacao
  • La Glorieta
  • Bo No Ta Hasi Falta
  • Esta Lloviendo
  • Nova
  • Guajiriando
  • El Sondero Del Barrio "Soy Magou"