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Honey For The Biscuit


Tasha Taylor has always carried the torch for Soul and Blues. Now, with her dazzling third album, Honey For The Biscuit, the US singer/songwriter/musician unveils thirteen new songs that push her beloved genre into the spotlight. I’m carrying on the next generation of rhythm, blues and soul, says Tasha. Bridging the gap between one generation and another. It’s my family business – as well as my passion. As the daughter of R&B trailblazer and Stax giant Johnnie Taylor, Tasha’s genealogy is auspicious. And yet, while lesser talents might trade on that hallowed surname, Honey For The Biscuit is a personal statement bearing her own unique thumbprint. I started writing this record three years ago, recalls the singer/producer, and I wrote most of the songs on my guitar. Recorded in LA, Tasha was joined in the studio with the core band. Tasha Taylor (Vocals, guitar, percussion), Nathan Watts (bass), John Notto (guitar), Jon Taylor (guitar), Don Wyatt (piano/organ) and Munjungo Jackson (percussion), Gerry Brown, Ronald Bruner, and Stanley Randolph (drums), and Jamelle Williams, Matthew DeMeritt, and Lemar Buillary (horns), Honey For The Biscuit is a thrilling reboot of the great American genres, taking in soul, funk and every shade of blue.

In 2016, Tasha hits stages across Europe and America armed with Honey For The Biscuit: the breakout third record that realizes her potential, spreads the word about the genre she has always championed, and carries that magical surname into a bold new age. If one person leaves with a new favorite song, she considers, then I’m happy…

  • Feels So Good
  • Wedding Bells
  • Family Tree
  • Weatherman
  • One And Only
  • Little Miss Suzie
  • I Knew
  • How Long
  • That Man
  • Leave That Dog Alone
  • Places I Miss
  • Don't Rush Off
  • Same Old Thing