Hard Rock
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Hard Rock
35 - 0169123

Bridge The Gap


Thunderous – Explosive – Adrenalin fuelled

Bridge The Gap - the first studio album of award winning guitar legend Michael Schenker featuring his new band Temple Of Rock.

The band which consists of ex-Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell and bassist Francis Buchholz, vocalist Doogie White (ex-Rainbow) and Wayne Findlay (guitar, keyboards) marking the first time Schenker, Rarebell and Buchholz appeared on the same album together since the Scorpions’ 1979 Lovedrive.

Michael Schenker as composer and Doogie White as Lyricist managed to get a balance between songs that are heavy, fast and melodic, complimented by his signature guitar solos. Result: Powerful songs steeped in shades of dark and light. Musically and lyrically, the new album shows a re-energised guitarist at the top of his game, surrounded by top drawer musicians.

Also available as Deluxe-CD (incl. Bonus Track with Don Dokken) and 180 Gr. LP.

  • Neptune Rising
  • Where The Wild Winds Blow
  • Horizons
  • Lord Of The Lost And Lonely
  • Rock`n Roll Symphony
  • To Live For The King
  • Land Of Thunder
  • Temple Of The Holy
  • Shine On
  • Bridges We Have Burned
  • Because You Lied
  • Black Moon Rising
  • Dance For The Piper