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Hard Rock
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Gipsy Lady


Music for the soul

Almost one year after his phenomenal comeback album In The

Midst Of Beauty (INAK 9085 CD) the first album from Michael Schenker-Gary

Barden Acoustic Project appears. All the experts say that you can tell a

really great musician when he performs his music without the need of any

technical props. Just at the point when playing by rote comes to an end and is

surpassed by the emotion in each song. Michael has achieved all this with his

congenial partners on Gipsy Lady in a most impressive style. Long-term

collaborator, Gary Barden's vocals give the cleverly arranged songs just the

touch of soul they need for full impact. He wrote the lyrics virtually off the

top of his head. And with Michael Vetter, Schenker has an experienced producer,

a second guitarist as well as a background vocalist on board, who delivers an

outstanding performance as usual. Kai Luennemann on drums completes the team.

What is the special appeal of Gipsy Lady? First of

all, you clearly have to emphasise the warm and emotional sound. With such a

distinctive, soft sound from Michael Schenker's guitar, this album

distinguishes itself far beyond other flat products. In addition to this is the

fabulous selection of acoustic instruments which give all the songs the final

kick. In this way, using a flamenco guitar with castanets in Dance Lady Gipsy

conjures up a hot-blooded gipsy dancing before your eyes, while the fiddle and

flutes in “Fight For Freedom” transport you to beautiful Ireland. The strings

form just the right counterpart to Michael's guitar in the wonderful ballad

All Of My Life, while a mouth organ in Can`t Live On Love Alone gives

it a hint of the blues. All in all, the new album from Michael Schenker-Gary

Barden Acoustic Project is more than an acoustic album, it demonstrates all

Michael Schenker's expertise as a guitarist and is ideal for escaping the stress

of everyday life by candlelight. Just listen and enjoy.

  • Lost
  • Dance Lady Gipsy
  • All Of My Life
  • Fight For Freedom
  • El Grande
  • Starting Over
  • Can´T Live On Love Alone
  • Another Melody
  • Travelled So Far
  • Hungry
  • Night Of The Stare
  • The Journey