34 - 0622036
34 - 0622036

Witchy Feelin' (180g Vinyl)

  • Artist: Savoy Brown
  • Format: LP Audiophile
  • Speciality: Audiophile LP (Vinyl)
  • Order No.: 0622036
  • Release Date: 23.03.2018
  • Label: Ruf Records
  • Genre: Blues

Blues is not for the faint-hearted. Since the genre first drew breath, its greatest practitioners have embraced the darkness, spinning tales of hardship and death, hellhounds and devilry. If the sleeve of Witchy Feelin’ suggests that Kim Simmonds, too, has a tendency towards the macabre, then Savoy Brown’s iconic leader is happy to confirm it. “Blues has always dealt with themes of the Devil, witchcraft and so forth, and I’ve always written along those lines. At least three of the songs on Witchy Feelin’ have that hoodoo vibe…”

Released in 2017 on Ruf Records, Witchy Feelin’ proves the Devil still has all the best tunes. Recording alongside Pat Desalvo (bass), Garnet Grimm (drums) and engineer Ben Elliott, Simmonds leads us into a world of dark nights, wild weather, women and whiskey: all perennial themes given a modern twist by this ageless bluesman. “The songs on this album have been two years in the making,” he reflects. “I tried to write songs that had a personal point of view yet can be relatable to everyone. I'm amazed that I still have the energy inside me to play guitar, create music and write songs. I’ve been blessed in my life and I thank God for that. I’ve never been a believer in holding on to the past – I don’t look over my shoulder and congratulate myself. I always want to climb the next mountain – and I’m very pleased with this new album…”

  • Why Did You Hoodoo Me
  • Livin´On The Bayou
  • Witchy Feelin´
  • Memphis Blues
  • Vintage Man
  • I Can´t Stop The Blues
  • Standing In A Doorway
  • Guitar Slinger
  • Can´t Find Paradise
  • Close to Midnight