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Goin' To The Delta


Released in February 2014 on Ruf Records, Goin’ To The Delta is the sound of a band with the wind in their sails. Following 2011’s acclaimed Voodoo Moon and last year’s whip-cracking live set, Songs From The Road, Savoy Brown are in a swagger, and you can hear the momentum on these 12 love letters to American blues. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Kim applies his own unmistakable thumbprint to the classic blues shapes, from upbeat Windy City bouncers like Laura Lee and Nuthin’ Like The Blues to the weeping slowie Just A Dream and the stinging instrumental, Cobra.

The band’s style has evolved in many directions, whilst always keeping the blues as its root, says Kim of the Savoy Brown back catalogue. Now we’ve come full circle. The songs and playing on this album are straightforward in focus and as basic as blues should be.

Coming up on 50 years in the making, Kim Simmonds’ career is sprawling and eclectic, but every move he’s made has always been underpinned by his deep love for the blues. Now, in February 2014, Goin’ To The Delta continues to bring that passion to the surface, channeling the classic vibe of the US blues masters through Kim’s modern worldview to create a musical statement that is both fresh and familiar. Maybe Shuffles, Boogies and Blues should have been the album’s title, notes the bandleader. It’s certainly what you’ll be listening to for the next hour or so …

  • Laura Lee
  • Sad News
  • Nuthin' Like The Blues
  • When You've Got A Good Thing
  • Cobra
  • Backstreet Woman
  • Goin' To The Delta
  • Just A Dream
  • Turn Your Lamp On
  • I Miss Your Love
  • Sleeping Rough
  • Going Back