35 - 0621156
35 - 0621156

Try Me

  • Artist: Meena
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 0621156
  • Release Date: 29.01.2010
  • Label: Ruf Records
  • Genre: Blues

Meena was born 1977 in a small catholic upper austrian

village as the third child of a master electrician and his wife. In summer she

walked around barefoot, sheltered among cows, meadows, trees and proud of

her scratched knees. When she was three Meena had her first encounters with ski,

being pushed down the hill. „That was cool“, she rememembers chuckling. „Apart

from that my people successfully tried to get me into church which was easy

because I liked the sound of the organ. My mother taught me a lot during my

girlhood. The world is big, she said. And my dad told me to look for a safe

place on earth.

When Meena learned to speak she immediately was taught how to

sing. Grandpa played the zither, mother and sister sang together with her. Good

old folk from upper austria, you know. Aside from that Meena and her sister many

a time had to volunteer songs at the local restaurant. „I wasn´t to keen about

that, but we were given icecream and lemonade. Honestly, that was cool, because

singing at the restaurant was the only occassion for stuff like that. So I

learned - among other things - musical harmony and polyphonic singing from early

on. I wrote my first songs being seven years old. Music was something quite

natural in our everyday life and far away from commercialism. Just like eating

and sleeping, music was part of our life.“

Meena was eleven when her brother died. He was only

seventeen. „And I still miss him so much, especially as he gave me my very first

audio tape. A compilation of music from the Seventies. And there was Jimi

Hendrix who casted his spell over me with ´Voodoo Chile´.“

Four years later Meena founded her first band in company with

a young guitar player. „We were a psychedelic rock band in those days and we

were lucky to play many wild shows. It was a wonderful time. Apart from that I

was a quite normal, pubescent, school denying teenager with a liability to

rebellion and a star-eyed little idealist who wanted to improve the world. This

is why I went to Mozamique after having finished my degree. I worked there at a

women´s refuge. Then I traveled through Europe and northern USA where I fell in

love with Chicago, the city´s atmosphere, it´s people and music. But Chicago was

one thing, then came Vienna. In Vienna I entered my name under my first

managment contract.“

In the meantime word had got around. Meena´s naturalness and

power on stage, her authentic voice had aroused interest. Her approach to music

and singing was and is something special, powered by Meena´s desire to deliver

her art, driven by her desire for freedom. „It was more than a wish, there was

an inner force in me to become a musician. Singing is my vocation, but my

parents still don´t regard it like that.“

The first thing she did was putting a band together. She

worked on stage with locals and musicians of international reputation as well,

she played low paid and well played gigs. She met producers and managers,

booking agents, co-producers, publishers and label bosses. „Somebody tried to

make a pop singer of myself, a rock queen, even a Tina Turner or a Janis Joplin

double. As a matter of fact, I was asked to learn the corresponding show

routine. To no avail. It would have been easier to tame my wild curls. And then,

at the end, then Thomas Ruf entered the place. He decided – against the

regulations of the mainstream music bizniz – to take me under his wings. Me, a

rough singer, clinged to the blues. A singer just sledded down from the

mountains on to the shaky ground of the record industry.“ Ruf flew Meena across

the pond right into the Mecca of the blues where she had an encounter of special


„He brought me and my guitar player to Jim Gaines in Memphis

for recording our first official CD. From that moment on it felt for me like

coming home. As if my life in 1977 could have begun right here in Stantonville.“

  • Try Me
  • Nothing Left
  • Send Me A Doctor
  • Put Your Hands Out Of My Pocket
  • Sorry
  • I'm Leaving You
  • This Song Is For You
  • I'd Rather Go Blind
  • Love Won't Fall Apart
  • Let Your Sweet Love Shine On Me
  • I Shoot You Down
  • Just As I Am