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Renegade - An individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior

The songs on this album are definitely the result of years livin' the renegade lifestyle. The renegade cuts against the grain, doin' things his own way on his own terms. I've always tried to be a right doin' person, to help people around me...I follow the laws of the universe, not the laws of man...I know right from wrong. Most times your on your own, movin' from place to place with your guitar and your music, at the same time interacting, entertaining, jamming, working, helping, teaching, learning, singing, dancing, sleeping, and living with all the people that come through your life. You are what you've done and the legacy you leave behind is the life you live everyday. Lotta times you dont feel much like leavin' but you know you gotta go. Keep movin', keep learnin', keep playin', keep taking the music to the people. Its all about the music and the only way to play it is to live it.

"Theres somethin' over the hill, that i gotta see" Hank Williams Ramblin' Man

Some of these songs are brand new and some been with me for awhile. Some are about stayin' alone, stayin' free, not lettin', nothin' slow you down. But love does come out of nowhere and theres many beautiful flowers out there on the hillside! Sometimes you wanna jump off the train and stay right here, but the highway at night is always callin'. All this gets mixed together and sometimes your fingertips will be on fire.

All these songs are from real life experiences and the characters you run into along the way. This long road of ramblin' and singin' has given me a great view of the world and the people in it, and I must say from behind the microphone you see a lot.


Renegade is for the most part a guitar and drums duo recording, played live and raw in the north Mississippi hill country tradition. Joining me on drums is Cameron Kimbrough, son of Kent Kimbrough and grandson of blues legend Jr. Kimbrough. Drums are very important in my music and I'm very proud of the sound we got. This is just the beginning....

On tour with Lucero I made friends with their horn section, Jim Spake, David McKnight, and Nahshon Benford. I've always wanted to work with horns on my own music and Precious Jewel, Guilty Man, and North Mississippi are some of my proudest tracks. The horn section brings a whole new swag to the hill country sound.

North Mississippi was written in a few minutes when I came home off tour and found out a good buddy of mine Curtis Scruggs Jr was killed in a gunfight near my home outside Holly Springs, Mississippi. This area is loved by fans all over the world for the rich musical history, but i wonder if they know how rough these woods can be. Its gettin' to be the wild wild west out here all over again. Rapper J Grubbz from Birmingham Alabama added a great verse that pretty much sums up the situation. Atlanta based vocalist Nadirah Shakoor adds some good harmonies to Precious Jewel. Aint Even Worried has an old school R n B vibe, and came out of nowhere experimenting and venting on a riff.

Many of these songs fuse the blues I learned from my Elders, with new ideas and sounds that are all around us. To me the Blues is the root of everything, the rythym and true stories of life. I'm writing, playing, and singing as close to the root element as I can, and when you put this electricity into it, it comes out modern. I want the message of the lyrics to be universal, to fit in any time. I've really lived the Blues my whole life. I'm 100% dedicated to my music and dont regret a second of it, through good times and rough times. Its a great life standin' up for what you believe in, and putting it into music that makes people dance.

  • Ain't Even Worried
  • Stop Fightin' Over Me
  • Renegade
  • So Many Woman
  • Guilty Man
  • My Lyin' Ass
  • Last Nite I Held An Angel
  • Precious Jewel (feat.: Nadirah Shakoor)
  • Come Go With Me
  • North Mississippi (feat.: J Grubbz)
  • Foxfire Ranch
  • Tell You Girl
  • You Better Recognize