Traditional / Swing
35 - 03721032
Traditional / Swing
35 - 03721032

Going Up


On drummer and composer Snorre Kirk’s sixth album, GOING UP, with his own group and tunes, there’s something wonderfully familiar about the music. It is an echo of something that once was – something that no longer exists in the same way it once did. Hearing this music for the first time is nostalgic, yet without any regretful sadness or homesickness. And when the band plays live the reaction from the crowd is always the same joyful roar. This new album presents listeners with singable melodies and beautiful arrangements, ornately detailed yet devoid of distraction. Tenor saxophonists Stephen Riley and Jan Harbeck are supported by an elegant, swinging rhythm section with Magnus Hjorth’s funky piano, Anders Fjeldsted’s solid bass playing, and Snorre’s own tasteful and practical drumming. Loose and relaxed but never lazy, Snorre Kirk and his band spread their infectious passion for a timeless brand of Jazz that was born long ago but will never die.

  • Right on Time
  • Streamline
  • Going Up
  • Dive
  • Bright And Early
  • Highway Scene
  • Call To Prayer
  • Blues Arabesque
  • The Grind