Modern Jazz
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Modern Jazz
34 - 03720091

Orca (150g Vinyl)


Kathrine Windfeld releases her third album with her multiple awarded orchestra. As the only jazz musician in Europe, she won the prestigious Rising Stars Jazz Award 2020 for her innovative big band writing.

ORCA is a powerful and breathtaking album, displaying Windfeld's extraordinary talent for developing sophisticated melodies and catchy rhythmic patterns. The entire bigband unfolds in symphonic waves, interrupted by funky bass riffs and solo battles. Dramatic storytelling with a wide dynamic range and creative instrumentation.

Windfeld was born and raised along some of the most picturesque waters in the world – the South Funen Archipelago in Denmark - so, it's no surprise that she is fascinated by the sea.

ORCA is a stunning musical journey with dramatic contrasts in color, dynamics and tempo. The 16 musicians play with an unbridled fire and sensitivity, as their Maestro continues to expand her palette of expressions, coloring the music with bold instrument combinations and telling fascinating personal stories in the music.

  • Undertow
  • The Lifting
  • Orca
  • Dark Navy
  • Harvest
  • Fish
  • Ferry
  • Seaweed