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Blues Rock
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Don’t call him the future of blues. Enough talk of the next big thing. With second album Temptation, British bandleader Laurence Jones has turned his hot-tip potential into fully formed brilliance, and officially graduated from boy-wonder to main man. If you thought Laurence was good in the past, you won’t be able to resist Temptation.

On production, Mike Zito brings old-school blood-and-thunder to the mix, while his Royal Southern Brotherhood bandmates Yonrico Scott (drums) and Charlie Wooton (bass) provide the bedrock, bolstered by blues harp from Johnny Sansone, the B3 lines of Lewis Stephens and stunt-guitar cameos by Walter Trout and Aynsley Lister.

Across Temptation’s eclectic tracklisting, there’s a song for every mood, and a snapshot of each side of Laurence’s personality. He makes us punch the air with good-time blues-rockers like Foolin’ Me, and the foot-to-the-floor Can’t Keep Living Like This (I’m on the run, as far as I can go). He reminds us not to let the bastards grind us down on cuts like the grooving Move On and the funk-flavoured Tomorrow’s Another Day (Forgive and forget, throw your worries down the drain!). He gets reflective on the acoustic-driven Whisper In The Wind (Another day has gone, another empty space) and defies us not to hum the hook of Fall From The Sky.

Of course, there’s girl trouble, from the lover who leaves him reeling on Wind Me Up (You wind me up when you go, when you leave me all alone) to the women he pines for on the album’s sole cover version, My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble. And yet, even when the music is upbeat, Laurence doesn’t shy from tackling weightier issues, whether he’s addressing grinding poverty on Southern Breeze, or turning a backstage pep-talk from Walter Trout about the dangers of drink and drugs into the frankly worded title-track. I wrote the song Temptation, he explains, as a lot of people can be tempted by the smallest things, even when they know it’s no good for them.

Rock ‘n’ roll is full of burnouts, but we don’t need to worry about Laurence Jones: a mature bandleader with his head screwed on and a clear artistic vision for the future. We’ve already had the thrilling early chapters, but 2014 is where the story of this British bluesman becomes a real page-turner, with February’s album release supported by his slot on Ruf’s annual Blues Caravan touring showcase. He’s not the future of blues. He’s the here-and-now. Give in to Temptation.

Laurence Jones will be on tour with Ruf’s Blues Caravan 2014.

  • Foolin' Me
  • Move On
  • Tomorrow Is Another Day
  • Temptation
  • Can't Keep Living Like This
  • Whisper In The Wind
  • Fall From The Sky
  • My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble
  • Southern Breeze
  • Wind Me Up
  • Bad Bad Dream
  • Soul Swamp River