Blues Rock
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Blues Rock
35 - 0169149

Calling All Saints


The tale of Jan James reads as though it comes right out of the inner soul of American music. Her powerful sound and message resonate globally. She has an arresting, soulful voice which, as her reputation as an artist grew, earned her the recognition of Best Female Vocalist by the Detroit Metro Times.

Her powerful vocals were first discovered singing in a church choir. For James that emotion and energy translated naturally into a deep understanding of RnB and Rock-n-Roll Soul. With these beginnings Jan James is an artist with a journey that feels almost mythic. She has continued that journey through each of her albums and tours.

Jan performed at Chicago's Royal George Theater in the starring role of Janis Joplin in a play based on Janis’ letters and songs. Along with the standing ovations there was so much more. There was the aura of a major talent. There was not only the power of what Janis had left for us, there was the power in what Jan James now does brilliantly.

The Blues is the rhythm of nature.

Its constancy is what draws us in.

Its connection is what saves our souls.

Long live the Women of the Blues.

With a spin on the classic blues genre, Jan James brings a raw and brash honesty to her powerful vocals. Drawing on her blues and country roots, combined with the strong guitar performance of her long-time partner Craig Calvert, Jan James has created an engaging and thoroughly relatable album. From political tracks that speak truth to power, to the universal theme of love, Calling All Saints is a collection of songs that pull you in and won’t let you go. Bringing to life a host of vibrant characters, the stories here will keep you captivated. The country style story-telling, the emotionality of her delivery and the strong instrumentation bring the album to life. Fans of her past work will recognize the hallmarks that make her sound so successful. First time listeners will be drawn in by her unique and natural talent on this vivid and powerfully honest album.

  • I'm A Gambler
  • Roll Sweet Daddy
  • Heart Of The Blues
  • Cry Cry Cry
  • Losing Man
  • It's So Easy
  • Calling All Saints
  • Everybody Wants To Be Loved
  • Bucky Blues
  • Battle of Jesse
  • Trouble With The Water
  • Black Orchid Blues