Vocal Jazz
35 - 03332182
  • Artist: Doty, Ellen
  • Format: CD
  • Order No.: 03332182
  • Release Date: 02.03.2018
  • Label: Alma Records
  • Genre: Vocal Jazz
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Come Fall


Ellen Doty is a soulful Canadian vocalist and songwriter with a world-class voice. Her music incorporates everything from pop and jazz to soul, folk, and indie music: a sound that is uniquely hers. A true storyteller whose works are as intimate and as personal as their handwritten lyrics, Ellen's immense talent for songwriting is only complemented by her stunning vocals. Rich, sultry, and sweet, Ellen's voice draws listeners in and takes them on an unforgettable journey.

Doty's sophomore album ‘Come Fall’ seeks to strip the music down to its bare bones, leaving a raw and incredibly spacious sound. No bass. No background vocals. No horns. No layers. Just piano, voice, and drums. The mixture of pop, jazz, soul, folk, and indie music, is a sound that is undoubtedly hers.


Ellen Doty – Vocals

Mark Lalama - Piano

Davide Di Renzo – Drums

  • You’re Too Late
  • Maybe I Knew
  • Sea of Hearts
  • September Moon
  • Midnight
  • Dreams You Don’t Remember
  • Go Easy
  • Give Love
  • Favourite Sweater
  • Give It Up
  • Stranger
  • Tried To Sing