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Open Road


The great British blues players, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric

Clapton and Peter Green among others, conquered the world in the early sixties,

-appearing to leave unequivocal magic in their wake. There have been times

since, when it was hard to see anything like a credible follow-up to these

legends. If you ever worried for the future of the blues, then fret no longer.

Oli Brown is the real deal, ready to carry the torch of British Blues in the 21st

century, taking inspiration from today’s contemporary bluesmen like Aynsley

Lister. Already paying his dues, Oli has shared a stage with giants Koko Taylor,

Walter Trout, John Mayall and Buddy Guy.

Open Road will take you on a journey through Blues City,

where the musical architecture is splendidly diverse - sublime use of light and

shade is Oli’s speciality, a gift so rare, it is easy to see that the new

generation of the blues is in safe hands.

Taking a trip down this open road will enable you to feel

more than just the wind in your hair - you’ll feel the destiny of the blues for

a modern age.

  • Psycho
  • Open Road
  • Stone Cold (Roxanne)
  • Can't Get Next To You
  • Shade Of Grey
  • All The Kings Horses
  • Black Betty
  • Missing You
  • New Groove
  • Played By The Devil
  • Complicated