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“The Canadian amazes as virtuosic guitarist in the same way as with his

mature sounding voice. He masters Peter Green’s “Rattle Snake Shake”.

 Stereoplay Magazine

“Jimmy Bowskill is one of brightest shining stars for people who love REAL

rock and blues music.”

Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited

“Live and in the studio he reacts cleverly. Jimmy Bowskill doesn’t have to

hide behind anyone regarding his singing and guitar-playing. Only 19 years old,

he already plays in

the top league…Peter Green, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jeff Healey send their



Jimmy Bowskill has done a lot in his musical career. Since being

discovered by Jeff Healey at the age of 11 playing guitar outside of his club in

Toronto, he has opened for Dickey Betts, Garth Hudson, ZZ Top, Deep Purple and

The Sam Roberts Band. He has toured internationally including shows in Germany,

Ukraine, France, Mexico and at the World Expo in Japan in 2005. He has also

received a Juno Award nomination for Best Blues Album. All this and he’s only 19


Jimmy Bowskill Band Live is an explosion of Blues and Rock, with nods

to many of Jimmy’s heroes like B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix and friend Paul Rodgers

(from the band Free). The album is spiced with two Paul Rodgers songs. Peter

Green, a British blues guitar hero, is represented by Rattlesnake Shake

from the early days of Fleetwood Mac. Bowskill is a musician of many influences

and he brings out all of them for this album while bringing forth his own sound

which can be caught in many of his own written and co-written songs including

the fan favourite “Diamond Ring”.

The cover of the album, featuring art by the infamous Bob Masse (who did

posters for the likes of Bob Dylan, The Doors, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane

and Janis Joplin) matches Jimmy Bowskill’s talent perfectly. This is the classic

Blues and Rock music with the same raw quality that has excited audiences for


  • Far From Reality
  • Rattlesnake Shake
  • Walk In My Shadow
  • Loser
  • Be Mine
  • Broke Down Engine
  • Drifting Haze
  • Diamond Ring
  • Ride A Pony
  • Karadag
  • Three O'clock In the Morning
  • Link Into Your Chain