Test our AIR cable for one week!

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In cooperation with some of our worldwide distributors mentioned below, we have launched a special campaign: You can easily test a selection of our reference AIR cables for a whole week at home!

Just get in contact with one of the distributors listed below or, if there is no distributor in your country, directly with in-akustik to request the desired cable without obligation. Compare the AIR cables at your leisure in your familiar listening environment with your current cable setup. If you are not convinced of the cables, you can simply return them to the distributor.

The reference AIR cables inspire numerous high-end enthusiasts worldwide as well as experts and the press. But even if the press comments speak a clear language, only you can find out whether you share the assessment of the press or not.

Make your own experience...

Every connection causes losses. The trick is to minimize these losses by using proper audio cables. The best cable is not the one that gets the most out of a hi-fi chain, but the one that loses the least of the original signal. We can tell you a lot about it, but in the end, your own listening impression is crucial. At the dealer, you can only hear how the cables sound there. If you want to know the potential of our AIR cables in your system, you can simply test them for one week at home and compare them with your existing setup - with your own system in your own listening room. This is the only way you can really experience our cables.

How to book your home trial:

Test period

The duration for the home trial (cable test) is one week.

How can I book my home game?

Here you can choose your cable in the desired configuration. Than get in contact with one of the participating distributors mentioned below and ask for the "home trial cable test".


When booking your personal home trial via one of the participating distributors, the terms and conditions of the distributor apply. The test cables can only be returned to the distributor where they were lent.

If there`s no distributor in your country

If we do not have a distributor in your region, you can also contact in-akustik directly.

Just contact us by phone with the keyword "home trial" on the phone number. +49 (0) 7634 5610-16 or by e-mail to info@in-akustik.de.

Your cable selection

LS-4004 AIR

[Translate to English:] LS-2404 AIR

LS-4004 BFA 2x3,0m SW | 6.468 €
LS-4004 Spade 2x3,0m SW | 6.468 €

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LS-2404 AIR

[Translate to English:] LS-2404 AIR

BFA 2x3,0m SW | 4.066 €
Spade 2x3,0m SW | 4.066 €

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LS-1204 AIR

[Translate to English:] LS-1204 AIR

LS-1204 Spade 2x3,0m SW | 2.033 €
LS-1204 BFA 2x3,0m SW | 1.964 €

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LS-804 AIR

LS-804 AIR

LS-804 Spade 2x3,0m SW | 1.439 €
LS-804 BFA 2x3,0m SW | 1.379 €

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AC 2404 AIR

AC-2404 AIR

AC-2404 AIR Schuko-C19 2,0m 1.980 €
AC-2404 AIR Schuko-C15 2,0m 1.980 €

AC-2404 AIR US-C19 2,0m 1.980 €
AC-2404 AIR US-C15 2,0m 1.980 €

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„The LS-4004 AIR is one of the finest cables we’ve ever heard!"

stereoplay | LS-4004 AIR

"This cable has what it takes to lift the performance of my chain into the next class! The music flowed effortlessly into my ear and from there coursed right into my stomach. My goodness - that was fun!"

Fidelity | LS-4004 AIR

“It’s difficult to describe – you have to experience it yourself. Or to put it in terms of money, a hi-fi combination worth €20,000 can be improved by 20% simply with the LS-2404 AIR. That amounts to an extraordinary value."

stereoplay | LS-2404 AIR

„A stroke of genius that also shows the competitors the limits. | Processing: outstanding“

Audio | LS-1204 AIR

„A true masterpiece!“

Audio | LS-804 AIR

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Further distributors will be listed shortly.

Order your Home Trial

If you are not sure which setup is fits to your current system configuration, or if you have chosen a cable but cannot find a distributor in your region, we will be happy to help you. Just give us a call or send us an email to the address below. We are looking forward to hear from you.

info[at]in-akustik.de+49 (0) 7634 5610-0

Referenz Selection

"The LS-4004 AIR is one of the finest cables we’ve ever heard. It is gifted with a phenomenal Analysis." stereoplay 01-2018

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Made in Germany

Most of the in-akustik Referenz and Exzellenz hifi and video cables are manufactured here in Ballrechten-Dottingen. 

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