The spatial concept from in-akustik

Whether a stylish LED light, discreet loudspeaker in a sophisticated design or inconspicuous wall rails and skirting boards – with AmbienTech from in-akustik, you beautify your home with style. Allow yourself to be inspired by our large selection of beautiful technology that garners enthusiasm not just from professionals. In just a few steps, you create your own personal feel-good ambience in no time at all.


The intelligent cable conduit system

There is more than meets the eye – more style! Combining flexibility with design this cable conduit system ensures that switches and sockets are exactly where you need them.

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LED it shine

The unlimited facets of light open up brand new opportunities for interior design. It requires only few technical components, which you can combine in any way you want.

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The invisible Speakers

The sound coming from the walls: these flat-membrane loudspeakers can be invisibly slotted into walls and ceilings. Large box-loudspeakers are no longer necessary.

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Facets of Light

Did you know that that LEDs generate up to 50 lumen per watt and are therefore approximately 5 times more powerful than 20 watt halogen lamps?



Life is more beautiful than any product presentation. Have a look at some of our reference projects to see the variety of options provided by our AmbienTech products.


Cost efficiency

The more alterations that need to be made over time, the more new connections become necessary - and this is where AmbienTrack provides greater savings.

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