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in-akustik - There`s more behind it

“No compromise in sound”—in short, this principle has been our driving force since the establishment of in-akustik in 1977. We are part of the Braun group, a strong corporate network. All members of the group are dedicated to the same goals: doing what we do with love and passion, offering products of outstanding quality, and being always one step ahead of the competition. Headquartered in Ballrechten-Dottingen (southwest Germany), in-akustik GmbH & Co. KG is a leading company in the hi-fi and music industry today. We are not only among the top vendors of hi-fi and video cables but also run our own independent record label. In July 2014, we became the German distributor of Piega, a high-end loudspeaker manufacturer from Switzerland, and from January 2016 the German distributor of Primare, a legendary Swedish brand for high-end audio and home cinema components. In addition, in-akustik offers smart-home equipment for use in private as well as public spaces. We will never stop trying to improve even the best cables, the finest loudspeakers, and the most beautiful media. A key factor of our success is that our headquarters are located near Freiburg—a region often referred to as the “German Tuscany”. Our ambitions as a constantly growing business in an international market manifests itself in the numerous urban centers nearby—whether Strasbourg, Zurich

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Cables & Accessories

in-akustik Reference Hightech Gel Absorber - The optimum decoupling of hi-fi equipment and loudspeakers

High-end and hi-fi systems are a combination of highly precise and delicate devices. Perfectly attuned to each other, they allow music to be played back in outstanding quality. So that all components can work without interference, just like sensitive measuring equipment they need to be kept free of vibrations and shocks as far as possible.

Breathtaking Sound through air insulation

On their way to perfect insulation, German cable manufacturer in-akustik has realized many innovative designs - for example, the DUO PE insulation or the PETS (PE tube support). Now, another groundbreaking invention has arrived: the Referenz NF-2404. A product that again raises the bar and approximates the ideal of pure air insulation as closely as never before.

in-akustik received the Red Dot Award in the “Communication Design 2014” category

August 2014 in-akustik received the Red Dot Award in the “Communication Design 2014” category for the outstanding design of their new packaging. The international jury awarded the quality
seal for design to only the best creative achievements from among 7,096 submissions.


For Long distances.

For ambitious video installations in the home and in professional applications it is often the case that lengthier routes from the playback source to the display are necessary. This is why we have expanded our range for processional installations and focussed on loss-free transferral of HDMI signals over distances of up to 100 metres. This has been made possible by the new Exzellenz HD-Base-T device series.

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