Mr P.K. from Berlin (December 2019)

Stoic wall bracket 50 x 55 cm with larger cable duct (special manufacture)

The wall bracket is an optical and manufacturing dream. My greatest worry was that the sand filling and the thick board would result in a loss of dynamics and a thickened bass. But it is all super light and easy – almost seamless – with great musicality, paired with the secure feeling that now nothing can interfere with the musi

Stoic Wandhalter 50 x 55 cm mit grösserem Kabeldurchlass

Mr. KH.F. from Nurmberg (10/2017)

Stoic 46 x 46 cm (Custom Made)

Anybody looking for high-end quality will find it here. It is difficult to write about a product that is almost perfect and which in my opinion has no serious competition in its category. Most people will be only too happy with the manufacturing and tip-top service. The packaging also leaves nothing to be desired. You can tell that Mr Riedl stands fully behind the product and can see the attention to detail.

Stoic - Customer`s Voice

Mr. M.G. from Absam (10/2017)

Stoic 50 x 55 cm

The wall bracket arrived in good shape and of course I mounted it straight away. Everything worked perfectly. I really like the look of the arrangement. I am most satisfied in terms of appearance and sound.

Stoic - Customer`s Voice

Mr. D. B. from Hanover (07/2016)

Stoic 50 x 55cm

I have to say that I am absolutely amazed – a fantastic construction that is worth every cent. Thank you so much. […] The first thing I noticed was the loving attention to detail, a perfect drilling template (NO floppy bit of paper), a perfect set of instructions and very useful accessories such as cotton gloves. […]  Even my wife, who is not the biggest fan of my music hobby is impressed “…a real piece of designer furniture…”  […] You asked if I had any suggestions for improvement. Definitely not. You prepared everything so professionally and with such great care that even someone with no talent for DIY should be able to manage it. I thought it was perfect and there were no problems whatsoever in mounting it.

Stoic - Customer`s Voice

Mr. S.G. from Berlin (07/2017)

Stoic 50 x 55 cm

I am completely happy with the Stoic. Mounting was quick thanks to the drilling template, everything worked out perfectly. The wall bracket is perfectly straight on the wall. By the way, the shipping packaging was also perfect.



Stoic - Customer`s Voice

Mr. P.F. from Freiburg i. Br. (05/2017)

Stoic 50 x 55 cm

The LP 12* sounds incredible! So much better than before.
*Note: the customer has a top-of-the-range Linn LP 12.

Stoic - Customer`s Voice

Mr. T. L. from Aachen (01/2017)

Stoic 50 x 55 cm

Mounting the presentation panel was no problem. I like the look of the wall bracket.

Stoic - Customer`s Voice

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The STOIC wall brackets are available in the sizes 550 × 400 mm or 550 × 500 mm (WxD) in combination with various support plates.  

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