From the wall to the floor

From the wall to the floor: The Stoic base - like the Stoic wall mount - combines all the positive features for perfect music reproduction: it decouples HiFi devices, whether digital or analogue, completely and safely from shocks, vibrations and resonances. Because nothing disturbs the enthusiasm for music more than an interfered sound. Every vibration, no matter how delicate, is annoying. Unless the basement is right. HighStandArt delivers it: with Stoic, the unshakeable foundation.

The South Baden manufacturer made the start with the elegantly hovering wall mount. Now the company has launched another product on the market: the Stoic base - constructive and derived in design from the wall bracket. Thanks to its stability and rigidity, the Stoic base also offers a solid base for very heavy components such as power amplifiers and sensitive components such as tube amplifiers or analog or digital drives. The Stoic base has a loading capacity of up to 100 kilograms. It is available in the standard dimensions 40 x 55 and 50 x 55 cm. Each Stoic base is individually manufactured in South Baden craftsmen's workshops.


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