There`s more behind it

AmbienTech gets more out of buildings, houses and rooms where people live, work, eat and shop. It is a spatial concept that is ideal for private homes and commercial use. It offers new dimensions for interior design. You can look forward to more style, flair and personal space.





Life is more beautiful than any product presentation. Have a look at some of our reference projects to see the variety of options provided by our AmbienTech products.


Cost efficiency

The more alterations that need to be made over time, the more new connections become necessary - and this is where AmbienTrack provides greater savings.

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Facets of Light

Did you know that LEDs generate up to 50 lumen per watt and are thereforeapproximately 5 times more powerful than 20 watt halogen lamps.


Service & Support

You would like to know more about AmbienTech and the versatile possibilities and applications of the room concept or you need support in planning a project? I will be happy to advise you

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AmbienTech | Project Management

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